Life has become very hectic in the modern world and so every individual strives to stay fit and healthy by performing certain exercises. Running is indeed a wonderful exercise for overall fitness. There are many people who take up running as a profession for which they need to follow the running preparation tips vigilantly.

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How to Get Started

Before taking the first step, it is important to go through the running preparation tips that state clearly what a person, especially a beginner, should do to be the best. There are two aspects to fitness- aerobic fitness and neuromuscular fitness.

The advice given in the tips enables a runner to do the perfect aerobic and muscular exercises that result in efficiency in performance while maintaining good health. The running preparation tips state:

  • Aerobic exercises focus on the generation of larger amounts of energy with oxygen that is taken directly from nature. The routine emphasizes on a gradual and steady process of increasing the running pace and duration.
  • Beginners, who are mostly energetic and wish to run for longer hours and length, should concentrate on their posture of running also.
  • For experienced runners, running preparation tips lead them to advanced types of fitness and endurance workouts.


Neuromuscular Exercise

The main aim of neuromuscular exercises is to produce extra stride power of a higher level. These exercises are performed in an energy-efficient way. According to the running preparation tips, for a solid foundation of neuromuscular fitness one should go for the very fast and very short methods that include speed intervals, fatlike intervals and steep hill sprints.

Balanced Diet

Besides adhering to the fitness regimen, the diet of a runner needs special care. A balanced diet that has the adequate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron and specially sodium not only maintains a good health but is absolutely necessary for peak performance. Here is a basic chart:

  • Carbohydrates– 60 to 65% of total calorie consumed.
  • Protein– 15% to 20% of total calorie intake that means .5gm to .75gms per pound of body weight.
  • Fats– Low fat diet is recommended mostly. Omega 3 fat is however vital for a good healthy body.
  • Vitamins– Vitamin C, E and A help to neutralize the free radicals as they act as anti-oxidants and prevent cell damage.
  • Minerals like calcium and iron are indispensable for the body. While calcium takes care of the bones and prevents fractures, iron supplies oxygen to the blood to keep one energetic and strong.
  • Sodium and electrolytes– Runners sweat profusely thereby losing sodium that is an important component of the body. These are mostly replaced by balanced diets. Yet if one has a craving for salty food, it can be taken as an indication of the body’s need for sodium.


Knowing The Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Running preparation tips lay stress on proper running shoes also. The structures of the feet are not always of the right type. Those who have flat feet face many problems while running if they do not wear the best running shoes for flat feet. The motion control shoes and stability shoes are considered to be the best running shoes for flat feet available from Asics Gel Evolution, Nike Zoom Structure and others. These special shoes offer plenty of arches and a stable foot support for the perfect performance.

For aspirant runners it is really very important to follow the running preparation tips to reach their goal and to prevent unnecessary setback that may happen along the way.