A rubber grommet is equipment that is manufactured from rubber, PVC and TPR and is ideal in protecting wires, cables and hoses that pass through standard sheet panel thus protecting them from damage, wear and tear.

Rubber grommet plug is a rubber plug that is used to seal components containing chemicals and especially those of high temperatures. These plugs prevent contamination and at the same time prevent fatalities from accidents around these dangerous chemicals.

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There is a wide range of rubber grommet sizes, ranging from very small to extraordinarily large. All these are meant to serve a specific purpose effectively without any hitches. The size of rubber grommet selected is greatly dependant on the sizes of the two spaces one is trying to bring together using the grommets. Large spaces require for larger grommets while small spaces require for small or simply sizable grommets.

To fill in the spaces left between two ill mating surfaces, a rubber gasket comes in handy. Less than perfect mating surfaces need to have something to make them fit perfectly into each other, thus, guaranteeing the maximal performance of the two joined surfaces. This is where a gasket is best applied.

Applications of Rubber Grommets

A rubber grommet assortment comprises of various varieties of grommets, each being of a different size or material or even for an entirely different purposes. All these grommets are made for specific functions. The following are uses of a rubber grommet both at home, and in the office:

  • Sealing containers especially those with ill fitting covers and requires being air tight by all means.
  • For vibration insulation – this is to prevent accidents that come about as an effect of vigorous vibrations.
  • Noise control – rubber grommets prevent noise that could emanate from the vibration of two ill fitting surfaces.
  • Electricity insulation – this is to prevent electric current from unnecessarily flowing, which could be dangerous, especially since electric shocks could be so fatal as to cause death.
  • For compression force protection

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Benefits of Rubber Grommet

Rubber grommet is preferred for a number of varying reasons. Some of these varying reasons include the following:

  • Rubber grommets are water proof making them very suitable for electric insulation, especially for outdoor wiring.
  • The fact that rubber grommets are flexible makes them easy to manage when used as electric insulators.
  • Rubber grommets are good shock absorbers.

The rubber grommet is useful for insulation purposes, and they find their use in construction. They are affordable and durable thus making them the most preferred material for the job.