Manchester United. Real Madrid. Football. Jersey No.7. Put them together and it’ll all make sense. All of these words would relate to Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, more commonly known as Cristiano Ronaldo, the most expensive player in football history. Not only that he’s also the highest-paid football player in the world and Facebook’s first non-American personality to reach 10 million fans, the first to achieve that much success in the said social networking site. With so much fame attached to his name, no wonder, he is also the most-searched football player in almost all search engines. Add up to that in image search engines, Cristiano Ronaldo images is a common keyword that is popularly browsed.

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Cristiano Ronaldo images have began to be public favourites with the kick-off of his grandslam wins and succeeding recognitions garnered in football.  He had his humble start playing for Andorinha, which after 2 years he left, where he moved on to Nacional. After this, he made his move to Sporting Clube de Portugal,  where he was then discovered by Manchester United’s, Alex Ferguson, who recruited him to the said team. All these teams became his stepping stones to unmatchable fame and reputation. With all these distinction and prominence, Cristinao Ronaldo images and Cristiano Ronaldo pictures also began to be sprouting up all over the Web.

But, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fame were not only the reasons why he is a popular keyword sought out in search engines. For together with his celebrity status, were countless controversies and celebrity gossips attached to his name. This added to his notoriety to the public and made him a popular celebrity item not just amongst sports buffs but even in the hearts of women who unremittingly gazed and mulled over Cristiano Ronaldo images. His appeal did not only catch the eyes of the public but even that of other celebrities like Alma Goodwin, Gemma Atkinson and his current girlfriend, the Russian model, Irena Shayk.

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With such high reputation and regard given to him for his athletic dexterity, Cristiano Ronaldo has successfully reached the hearts of the populace. His fame does not revolve solely within the field, but extends out into the confusing entanglement of the worldwide Web, and reaches far into the screens of the people. For more Cristiano Ronaldo images, you can check the Web or his Facebook fan page. For added Ronaldo images online, you can also check them out in the several public fan sites set up for him by his million fans worldwide.