Roald Dahl was a prolific writer who had a long literary career spread over many decades. He began writing during his childhood when he kept a diary that was said to be inaccessible to everyone in the house including his sisters. Roald Dahl has mostly made a name for himself in the genre of children’s books but he has also dabbled a bit in adult fiction. Roald Dahl poems are quite well known for their fun rhymes and interesting themes. Roald Dahl poems collection is not as large as his books and he has published three books of poems all of which are basically meant for children.

the wonderful world of roald dahl

Roald Dahl poems comprise of novel themes never before seen in poetry and although they have been written for children, they are a delight to read for adults as well. One of his poems offers a different take on the well known fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood and wins over readers due to its surprise factor. The story is given a whole new twist by Dahl and made much more fun than the original one from which it is inspired. There are many short Roald Dahl poems that can be found and are widely read by many children.

Poems from Roald Dahl are not only restricted to the English language today as many of his poems have been translated to other regional languages owing to their immense popularity among all age groups. Roald Dahl poems are full of interesting points of view that are well liked by children. In most of them, adults are portrayed as evil or stupid which is quite a delight to read for kids of a certain age. Pre teen and younger kids form the basic readership of most of Roald Dahl poems.

roald dahl revolting rhymes

Roald Dahl poems can be called true masterpieces due to the originality of style followed by him in creating these literary works. Words that bring in an element of fun and excitement are incorporated into most of his work. His poems tend to be amusing or belong to the thrilling genre of light horror. Apart from his penmanship, the poetic voice of RD is also quite well known. Roald Dahl was said to have a deep baritone and a mesmerizing voice perfectly suited to the poetry that he wrote. This made him quite a sought after figure for poetry reading sessions of his books. His unique vocal abilities could actually make the subject of a poem come alive.