Roald Dahl has become a household name over the years because of his successful and widely read books. Due to this, Roald Dahl biography has become quite sought after all over the world. Roald Dahl biography is full of interesting experiences and incidents spread over his lifespan of seventy four years. From the biographical information about Roald Dahl, it is known that he was born in Wales in the year 1916. Unfortunately, he lost his father at the tender age of four which must have instilled in him a certain amount of sensitivity traces of which can be found in his stories today. One can find a lot of books that capture the life of Roald Dahl.

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Roald Dahl biography also states that he had a horrible time at his childhood school due to the extreme strictness of the then headmaster who was known for meting out corporal punishment. This may seem quite abominable in today’s times but was deemed to be a natural thing in the times in which Dahl grew up. This attributed to the increased levels of homesickness that Dahl experienced while away at school.

Roald Dahl’s story continues to become more interesting as he was sent to Africa as a part of his professional duties at the Shell Company where he received his first job. He got to experience the great adventures and wildlife of the continent first hand. This knowledge came quite in handy while fabricating children’s stories featuring jungles and animals. When the Second World War hit Britain, he became a pilot for the air force and bravely went down fighting as a result of which he suffered serious injuries that kept him out of action for half a year after which he resumed his duties.

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In the year 1942, after his arrival in America, he began to explore his writing talent and started to spin out short stories. His first book meant for children was known as The Gremlins and was published the next year. This was the time when a young actress called Patricia Neal caught his eye whom he subsequently married. However, this relationship was not a very happy one. Roald also suffered from many other misfortunes like the loss of the children born to them. In the 1980s, Dahl’s literary genius began to be recognized and he was presented many writing awards the highest among them being the Edgar Allan Poe award. Aside from Roald dahl biography, Roald also went on to write many widely acclaimed children’s books like Kiss Kiss, Roald’s book of Ghost Stories, Someone like you, etc. These books are still in print and are lapped up by young readers all across the globe. Although Roald Dahl passed away in 1990, his legacy continues to live on through his wonderful books.