Reusable produce bags are a great way to decrease our reliance on plastic bags, which are harmful to the environment. Plastic bags require fossil fuels to manufacture and they have very slow rates of decomposition, meaning that they are taking up very large amounts of precious space in landfill.

reusable mesh produce storage bags
Reusable mesh produce bags also have a number of other benefits, in addition to the obvious benefits to the environment. As they are made from mesh, this allows the fruit and vegetables contained within the bag to breathe more efficiently. This prolongs the life of your produce and gives you more time to eat it all before they start to rot.

Resuable produce bags also tend to be more portable and easy to store than traditional plastic bags. Many of the reusable kind are able to be folded up into something the size of a pack of cards and can easily be stored in your wallet or purse for your next trip to the grocery store. This is a great way to never forget to bring your bags to the supermarket, particularly in countries where plastic bags are banned from use altogether.

eco friendly reusable produce bags

If you still need more convincing to use reusable bags, you should know that many store owners give out free reusable shopping bags as a way to encourage people to stop using plastic bags and switch over to the more environmentally friendly version.

Should you still be totally against having to pay for reusable produce bags, then there is the option of making them yourself from the comfort of your own home. You can choose from virtually any reusable produce bags pattern that you can think of. There are probably thousands and thousands of different patterns for you to choose from, and you will never get tired of making them yourself.

reusable fabric produce bags pattern

Some of the more popular designs include the T-shirt design, the strawberry design and the rolled shopping bag that is able to be rolled up when not in use. You could even make use of the pillowcase design, which basically looks like a hollowed out pillowcase with handles on the top for easy carrying. You are only limited by your imagination if you decide to make your own reusable produce bags, and the majority of designs you can accomplish with only simple knitting, crocheting, or sewing.

As you can probably see, there really is no reason to completely avoid plastic bags and do your bit for the environment. Fossil fuels are going to run out sooner or later and as a result, the days of plastic bags are numbered. You may as well make the switch now and get used to the idea that reusable bags are here to stay.

free reusable shopping plastic bags

In locations that already charge you to use plastic bags, there is even more reason to make the switch to reusable plastic bags. Other than being better for your food and more hygienic and beneficial to your health, you are not going to have to pay for the privilege of carrying your shopping in bags every time you visit the supermarket.