Looking For The Best Fragrance Shop

If you are searching for a bargain when it comes to buying perfume or other scented products, then you need to find a reliable, yet inexpensive fragrance shop either online or off. One trick to this task is finding a place that offers a good deal on name brand perfumes and colognes that offers a fragrance shop coupon that you can use along with your purchase.

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Online Fragrance Shop Offers Convenience and Savings

If you shop in an online fragrance shop, you can discover places to buy numerous types of fragrance and perfume products. Plus, many of these may offer a fragrance shop discount code to their customers, especially if you buy from them multiple times. You will also be able to find bargains on unique scents for men and women from fragrance makers all over the globe, which is something you might not be able to do in a brick and mortar location.

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For instance, if you love those from designer brands like Marc Jacobs Lola perfume for women, you may have a hard time finding it in a brick and mortar fragrance shop. This was the case for several lovers of this brand of sexy, fruity smelling perfume and the consumers on a fragrance shop website commented that they were very happy to be able to buy their favorite scent online.

Plus, you can shop in an online fragrance shop 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and you don’t have to get all dressed up or use up your gasoline, which is going to save you money even if you can’t find a fragrance shop coupon code to use on your online purchase. Most of these also have a way for you to write to their customer service section if you have any problems or questions.

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Other Ways To Save at a Fragrance Shop

Another way to be sure of getting the best deal when shopping for fragrance related products is to do a price comparison check. You can do this online in several sites such as bizrate, epionions, pricegrabber and nextag. These sites will show you the prices for your favorite fragrances on several websites so you can pick the one the costs the least.

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The main point to get from all of this is that if you want the best bargains at a fragrance shop, you need to shop around and check out several sites or brick and mortar locations for the best deals.

History of the Writing Instruments

Since men discovered fire, writing goes hand in hand with it. Men have conveyed and recorded their thoughts in different forms. To know the history of writing instruments is the history of civilization itself. Through these instruments, men have come to know its past as it battles to be on top of the food chain.

From Its Humble Beginnings

The cave men were the first to have used the writing instruments. They took advantage of every discovery that they stumbled upon and in order to survive. In order to survive they must hunt for food thus the hunting club was created. They discovered that stones and bones can be sharpened which then pave way for the all purpose skinning and killing tool. These sharp tools were then used to scratch pictures of their daily activities to the walls of their caves. These activities were mostly about hunting victory or planting of crops.

platinum president blue-gold pen

The Start of Trading

With time, men learned to be more organized and certain systems were introduced. The designated record-keeper would develop universally accepted symbols that would equal a sentence or an idea. Writing instruments have further evolved with the discovery of clay. The clay was used as a portable recorder since cave walls are just too much to be carried around. This method was further developed as men started to trade goods. For reasons of uniformity and practicality, they further developed it into clay tokens. Just as men created the alphabet, the pictographs from clay tokens were replaced with their own alphabet.

Introduction of Ink

The Greeks were the first known civilization to have adapted the writing instruments from bones, metals or ivory. They recorded it on a tablet coated with wax that comes in pairs so that they will just close it to protect the record. The Chinese on the other hand have perfected the “Indian ink” from donkey skin and musk in a gelatin form mixed with lamp oil and soot from pine smoke. The other cultures followed by using berries, minerals and plants as their natural dye source. Soon paper was just following to be discovered which makes the recording more portable and easier to comprehend.

The Use of Quill Pens

Of all the writing instruments, the quill pen has dominated for the longest period in history. For almost 100 years, men have used the feather of various birds as their writing instruments. Different sources of quills produce different strokes and better quality. Goose feather are the most common while feathers from swan are more expensive because of its scarcity and premium grade. Crow feathers were the best in making fine lines and soon the turkey, owl, hawk and eagle’s feathers were used.

know about different writing instruments

A Uniform Alphabet

The scholars have by now developed a uniform writing method with upper case and lower case that is presently known to contain 26 letters. Since then men have possessed better writing instruments and writing has become a daily occurrence. Men never cease to find better ways in almost anything that affects their daily lives, writing instruments have made huge development from humble sharpened bones to the modern fountain pen.

Uni ball signo is a leading name when it comes to choosing for the best writing instruments. It has long line of options that you can try for your daily writing needs.

The Gel Pen Advantage

Putting down ideas these days does not automatically fall on paper. With the advent of technology, the gel pen, ballpoint and roller balls are losing popularity among writers. So it is no wonder pen makers design distinct ink to attract writers to write down their ideas rather than type them. Writers are naturally artistic and many opt to express their ideas in words, and what they write it with is also an expression of their artistry. Gel pens are gaining more popularity because of the advantages it has over other kinds of pens in the market, namely the ball point and roller ball.

cross ATX black lacquer ballpoint pen

Understanding The Difference

One might ask what are the differences of ballpoint, roller ball and gel pens. Basically, the main thing is the kind of ink being used.

  • Ballpoint pens have oil-based ink that is known to write smoothly and is water-resistant. Ballpoints do not smudge easily. Ballpoints usually have thick ink.
  • In contrast, roller ball pens use thin water-based ink that writes without much pressure but bleeds and smudges easily.
  • The gel pen takes the best characteristics of ballpoints and roller balls. The ink is a combination of water- and ink-based material which gives it a smooth light writing feel while protecting it from moisture and resists smudging after drying. It must be given enough time to set into the paper fibers to resist moisture. With roller balls, gel pens are also commonly used in formal writing, such as signing checks or important documents. It has become a requirement in polite correspondence.

cello pointec gel pen

The Preferred Choice

Uni ball signo is one of the more popular gel pen brands. Users always note its smooth and even writing. It also comes in vibrant colors to allow for creativity as used in art projects, scrapbooking or underlining books or notes. it has a comfort grip design and is tested not to leak when exposed to high cabin pressure during flights. The ink is acid free so it is fade resistant because it does not react with the oxygen in the air. Point size ranges from 0.38 mm to 1.0mm depending on the need of the writer. Black uni ball signos are best for check signing. The ink it uses is water resistant and this particular gel pen is marketed to be resistant to check fraud.

Gel pens give a more formal finish to any writing output. Indeed, seeing your words come to life with a good quality pen helps any writer to keep on scribbling his thoughts or other important words. Your gel pen will protect those ideas on paper so the right writing instrument must be used to achieve exactly that goal.

The Magic Behind the Ballpoint Pens

It is undeniable that even in this very high tech world, some things still remain the same. One example is the pens. That’s true and you can actually look around and get a pen. Many people still use pens to such as Uni ball signo and colored ballpoint pens to sign paperwork, write checks, or draw a thing even though you can now email and communicate through the internet. However, aside from that type of pens, there are also other pen which is easy to find and very affordable. That is the ballpoint pens. This type of pens is very helpful especially in an office work.

black composite yellow golden roadster ballpoint pen

Problems With Other Pens

Pens, from the days of quill pens, reed pens, fountain pens, as well as metal nib pens, have a very long way. However, these pens have a lot of problems. These problems is that the ink would flow unequally which makes people hard to write. This is because of the reason that the ink used in these pens was slow drying due to its exposure in the air that set out through the pen. As a result, when this situation happens, the ink became gummy which makes the reason to clean the entire pen.

The Ballpoint Pens Solution

The problems stated above eliminated by the ballpoint pens. You may be wondering how it works and asking yourself why the ink emerges smoothly.

  • The ink dries very fast. One of the reasons why ballpoint pens eliminated the problems created by the other pens is that its ink dry very fast once it comes out. The ink never dries inside the pen. This is one of the most important things to ensure that your pen sticks with you for a longer period of time. This type of pen has a ball at the point of the pen, thus the name.As the name suggests, it has a ball in its point where the ink comes out and that ball rotates. As a matter of fact, this ball is made of metal. This ball is the one responsible is dispersing the ink when it rolls around.
  • This pen has a socket. The ballpoint pens have a socket and that is the one responsible in connecting the ball to the pen. This socket is placed between the ink tank and the paper. This socket holds the ball very tight so it can roll around as the user writes.

cross ATX black lacquer ballpoint pen

Some Notable Setbacks

This type of pen requires a great amount of pressure. Similar to other pens, the ballpoint pens, even though it is retractable ballpoint pens, requires a great amount of pressure in order to write. In fact, in some cases, this type of pen will not write smoothly.

The ballpoint pens are very tiny. Also, you can now get personalized ballpoint pens if you want it too. If you try to examine it, it may hard for you. But, you can still see how the magic of this pen works through examining a bottle of deodorant in a roll-on type.

Rollerball Pen: A Combination Of Elegance And Convenience

Why the rollerball pen is the mightiest pen? There was once a saying that states “A pen is mightier than a sword” but the question in this article is; which among the many pens is the mightiest of them all? Some may argue that it is the fountain pen, the elegant pen used by many politicians and historical figures. Others may say that the ordinary popular ball pen is the best since a lot of people used it every day. However, this reasoning is faulty. The rollerball pen together is the mightiest of them all.

finest roller ball pens

The Rollerball Pen Facts

In order to prove that the rollerball pen is the most exceptional ball pen there is, consider these facts. It was introduced in the year 1963 by a Japanese company called Ohto Japan. Before the conception of rollerball pen, ball pens are only oil-based thick inks. However, when roller ball pens were introduced it gave birth to two more types of pen ink; the liquid ink pens and gel ink pens.

A rollerball pen is actually a combination of a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen. The ink system of the fountain pen was adopted by this type of pen and combined with the convenience that a ballpoint pen provides. The distinctive quality of the rollerball pen is similar to the silky “wet ink” quality of the fountain pen yet it tends to deeply and widely saturate the paper as opposed to the fountain pen.


Why should consumer opt to use rollerball pens? Here is a short list of some of the advantages of rollerball pens:

  • Rollerball pens especially the liquid ink rollerball pens have smooth and consistent flow. Since liquid ink based pens are less viscous it will flow easily thus avoiding the possibility of skipping. 
  • When using a rollerball pen, writers do not need to exert much pressure to ensure that it would write clearly and cleanly. Thus less stress, more comfortable and definitely saves energy. In addition, less pressure means smoother and faster writing speed.
  • Since roller ball pen is liquid and gel ink based it will have a wider color range due to the fact that there are a lot of water soluble dyes and pigment. More color choices.

uniball jetstream 3-color multi pen

Types Of Rollerball Pens 

After learning about the different advantages of the rollerball pens, the next part is learning about the different types of the best rollerball pen in the market. Here are two of the most popular rollerball pen types:

  • Refillable Rollerball Pen

This is usually made of metal and plastic to ensure long lasting product durability. This type of rollerball pen only needs a change of ink reservoir to work again. To ensure that refilling the pen is easier, the ink and tip of the pen are joined together in one piece. Since this product is more durable than the regular plastic pens, it is more expensive.

  • Retractable Rollerball Pen

The retractable rollerball pen is also normally refillable. This type of rollerball pen was designed to ensure that the ink would not stain surfaces. In addition it was designed as such to ensure that air and other surface would not hasten the drying process of the ink.

There are a lot more types of rollerball pen; it is up to the consumer to choose which will suit his or her needs. One popular name that comes to mind when you think of rollerball pens is the Uni Ball Signo. A ball pen is an important tool for people’s daily living so before buying a ball pen think about what you need, how you will use it and of course the value it will provide.

Understanding Uni Ball Signo Pens

Uni ball signo branded pens are one of the most sought after pens by artists of every kind and are looking to make an impression through their writing. There are number of pens that have been manufactured under the Uniball brand for a number of years thereby making the pens very well known in the market. Beyond being used by artists’ uni ball signo pens can also be used in an office setting or even as a promotional item with the logo of the particular company imprinted on it as a way to personalize it and also for marketing purposes.

uni ball signo premier 207 retractable gel ink pen

Features of a Uni Ball Signo Pen

Among the most popular uni ball signo pens is the uni ball signo 207 which is an upgrade from the usual white-gel pen that has been produced by the company in previous versions. Currently, the uni ball signo 207 has a variety of features that sets it apart from other types of pens in the same range. Some of the most highlighted features of this uni ball signo pen include:

sky blue uni ball signo dx

  • It has ink that is fade-resistant as well as waterproof which makes it quite effective for posters that are placed in areas where they are prone to damage or even tampering.
  • The ink of the uni ball signo 207 does not erase, smudge even when used under water or other types of solvents. These characteristics makes the uni ball signo pen ideal for writing legal documents, checks and even important records that will be needed in the future.
  • This uni ball signo is also able to write in a variety of colors because of its multi-gel ink properties that allows users to select the color that they want to use.
  • The uni ball signo 207 also writes very smoothly thereby allowing the information that is written down to be legible and easy to write as well.
  • The uni ball signo pen is also available in a variety of colors thereby giving its users an opportunity to purchase the one that they prefer to use.
  • Another feature that is quite beneficial to its users is the availability of uni ball signo 207 refills which means that as soon as the gel is finished it is easily replaced and the pen is good as new.

finest ink gel uni-ball signo broad pen

Precision Writing

The uni ball signo DX is another pen from the same company that is also a favorite and is used for both office work and a promotional item. Its main feature that makes it stand out is the fact that it has micro-tip that is ideal for people who have small handwriting as it enables them to write neatly and precisely as well.

fade resistant ink uni ball signo pen

Overall, when buying any type of pen, its writing efficiency is one of the most important features that need to be considered, if it’s to be recommended. The uni ball signo pen is known to be one of the best in terms of comfort and ease of use as compared to other pens that use gel-ink.