Wheeled duffle bags are bags made from fabric, which are in the shape of cylinder that are closed on the top using draw strings. Their origin is from Belgium. However, changes have occurred in the bag design and it has become common in sports world for carrying sport equipment. It is also used in a military environment due to its convenience.

Top Brands of Duffle Bags

  • One type is the Hercules Luggage 29″ rolling duffle. This could either be blue or red in color. It has multiple side pockets and wheels to roll it. They have a covered internal handle system. It has a zipped front accessory compartment.

  • Another kind are the Mother Lode TLS Mini 21″ wheeled duffle bags. There are different sizes of this type of bag with different weights. It is made of 840D and 900D twisted polyester. It can be expanded to carry more luggage and can be available in as many colors as possible.

best sturdy rolling duffle bags

  • The Dakine Platter Pack is a small bag. It is made of nylon and contains a whistle for rescue. It has padded MP3 pocket and air ventilation. It has many straps for armor and a removable waist belt. Many use it for bike camps and claim to be easy to clean.

  • The Olympia 22″ Eight Pockets rolling duffle is another bag considered as one of the top brands of duffle bags. It is made of polyester 1200D. It has an inline skate metal bearing wheels. There is a coverable handle and a retractable one. It has a lot of pockets and a U shape top opening for the main pocket or compartment that is large enough for main luggage.

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  • The David King Deluxe Duffle bag is a large duffle. It has a U zipper on the top, opening the main compartment. There are other additional compartments closed with a zipper. There are shoulder straps for carrying it and it is made of soft leather that does not crack.

  • The Adidas Diablo is a bag available in many colors. It has the size of 18.5 by 11 by 10 inches. It is mostly used for sports since it is a sport branded bag. It has a u shaped double zipper on the top. It does not have many other pockets.

These top brands of duffle bags are very common in the market. They are used by almost every person especially those who travels. Grab one in the stores near you and you will enjoy staying and travelling with it wherever you go.