For many, red high heels are some of the most common outfit to find in their closets. One of the reasons is because of the color. Red color is a color that shows power and authority in a feminine way. The high heels bring out the elegance in the middle of power. There are different designs of the red high heels.

Popular Red High Heel Designs

Peep Toe

When looking for a red high heels, one may consider to have the peep toe design. This are mostly made from different materials such as suede. The front tip of the shoe is normally opened on the top to allow the toes to peep out of the shoes. They may either have a strap or on running in the top of the shoe.

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Event Boots
Another example of the red high heels is the events boots. This may be either completely covered with the red color or of a different color like black and decorated with a lot of red flowers. They have a side zipper and its upper part made of patent faux leather. The heel may be four and a half inch long and has other decoration like a ribbon tied on the sides.

Heels With Red Soles
There are shoes which are high heels with red soles. Such shoes may include those with straps to hold the toes and the ankle made of different colors. They can also be those made of tiny straps woven together. They have many patterns woven on the legs made of a different color and the straps are tied at the ankle with a ribbon.

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Red Bottom High Heels
There are others with red bottom high heels. A good example is what Nicholas Kirkwood designed as a belted patent wedge pump. It has a belt running around it. The heels are about five and a half inches long and it is a peep toe. It toes rest on a platform of about one and a half inch. One can have any color on the top but the bottom is normally red in color. Some people buy any heeled shoe and then fix the bottom to be red. As much as the bottom is not being seen, the edge of the heel reveals the color making it look good. High heels with red bottoms are good for the evening party. This is because the light illuminates on the bottom and makes it sparkle in the dark. There are those that are best worn with red sun dresses or those with red flowers. The top may be made of any material like suede.

There are many producers of red high heels. Mary Jane heels for instance has a lot of different designs for women. Other than adventure, there is also romance linked with red high heels. Many women wear them for dates and mostly during the valentine’s day.