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Ray Ban Sunglasses: A Classic Choice | Content Injection

Ray Ban sunglasses are among the most popular sunglasses today. They are stylish, chic and made of extremely reliable material due to which they have become so well known and desired for. Moreover, they guarantee you comfort like no other brand. When you wear sunglasses, you want something that protects you from the harmful rays of the sun and with stylish design. Ray Ban sunglasses offer both of them for you. The brand has been a trendsetter since it came into existence. There are numerous different models available for both men and women. Here are the popular ones listed out for you.

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Models for Women

  • RB2156: These have a high fashion quotient, thanks to the fact that they are partly rimless. They are usually called Clubmaster. They are simple to look at but are trendy and vibrant at the same time.
  • RB4061: These are graceful and come with a thick frame. They thus give you a true retro look with a spotted frame and Havana color. The lenses are large giving you complete protection.
  • Heart Shaped Sunglasses: If you want to look funky or are going for a theme party, these are a must have. These sunglasses are extremely popular today and can even be seen in various celebrity videos.
  • RB2130: These are rectangular in shape with a bold black frame. The lenses are also black and give you a classic look. The shape ensures that your face looks younger and smarter.

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Models for Men

  • RB2030: These Ray Ban sunglasses have been designed to give you an extremely sporty look. They are chic and glossy. The frame ensures that you look confident but not over the top.
  • RB3136: These sunglasses are square shaped and are called Caravan. It can be dubbed as an Aviator alternative. It is extremely stylish.
  • RB3025: These are dubbed as the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. These sunglasses are a celebrity’s favorite. They are extremely popular. They are iconic and fashionable. Although they are categorized as sunglasses for men, a lot of women prefer this style because it enhances the facial features of the wearer.

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Along with all these models, the brand also offers Ray Ban prescription sunglasses for those who have a problem with vision. It is true that Ray Ban sunglasses are extremely expensive and can easily weigh you down. Hence, you can look for Ray Ban sunglasses sale in stores as well as over the Internet to get discounts. The only thing you should be careful about is the authenticity of the sunglasses.

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