A great way to reduce your heating costs this winter is by using a radiant barrier insulation, which is a brilliant new concept. Instead of trying to absorb heat or create heat – both of which are costly and aren’t as effective as they could be, this method reflects heat from the environment to where it is needed.

Since there is ambient heat all around us, from sunlight, from the ground, from nearly everywhere, what it does is to reflect that heat inward, giving us warmth without needing to use as much energy to create heat, which in turn can be very costly.

save more energy with radiant barrier insulation

How to Utilize It

  • Focus It Upward: One of the best ways to utilize this technology, which has been put to use by the space program for years, is to focus your attention upward – where there is more direct sunlight and more surface area to capture and harness that sunlight.
  • Place it in the Attic: Attic insulation radiant barrier is a great application of this simple philosophy. The radiant barrier insulation is placed in the home’s attic to reflect the heat from the sun into the home, increasing the heat in your home and dramatically reducing your energy bills.

radiant barrier attic installation

With the ever rising energy costs, this is a great way to save you and your family money and you are harnessing the power of nature – what could be more environmentally friendly than that?

Though the applications for radiant barrier insulation reach far beyond your home, this new application has really captured the attention of the construction world, and more and more homes are being built using this technology. Many of you may still be skeptical about the benefits of using this technology, but radiant barrier insulation reviews by consumers show that this new theory is heating up the insulation world, and giving the traditional fiber glass insulation a run for its money.

home radiant barrier insulation

Other Benefits of Using Radiant Barrier Insulation

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The look of the radiant barrier foil insulation is a very good aesthetic for most homes.
  • Reduces Electricity Bills:  Utilizing this method of heating and cooling will not also help reduce your overall energy costs permanently, which in turn is a great way to give added value to your home.
  • Sustainability: More and more Americans are looking for more sustainable ways to maintain their homes and nearly all of us are looking to save on the ever rising costs to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without spending all our time in doing so.
  • Eco-friendly: Being able to find an economical way to heat your home using eco-friendly technology so powerful, that it’s been used by the space program to heat and cool the space shuttles, is the new age of insulation.
  • Efficiency: Being able to take what heat is already available and simply reflect that in, to heat your home is a stroke of brilliance and an idea whose time has come.

energy efficient radiant barrier insulation

Take advantage of this new energy saving insulation method and you will save thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs for your home over the next several years. Once you’ve switched to radiant barrier insulation, it would be hard to imagine going back to the traditional methods of insulation.