When it comes to the faucets in your house, you might have encountered the common faucet problems with one of your faucets. There are common faucet problems that you should be aware of as well as solutions in case you might encounter them one day.

Common Faucet Problems

  • Out of Tune – A quick fix to this problem is to replace the washers or simply change the entire faucet. Take note that rubber washers deteriorates with age and solidifies, thus it makes a screeching sound once water passes through.

  • Sound Plumbing such as clanking, clicking or mechanical sounds – You might think that the sound comes from the pipes, but it actually comes from the faucet. You need to remove the faucet and reassemble, check for any cracks on the parts and make sure the assembly is tightened well.

the most common faucet problems

  • Squeaky Handle – This happens once the threads become worn out. The best manner to fix this is to take out the faucet lever and cover the threads of the lever stem with grease and reassemble.

  • Faucet Spits Water – The normal flor of water from the faucet should be streaming. When your faucet spits water, this is due to a clogged faucet aerator. Simply take out the aerator and wash out any deposits of lime or mineral the moment the screen is patent, then attach it again.

  • Water Dripping – You simply fasten a lengthy thread around the end of the faucet so that the water drips onto the thread and runs along silently. You will no longer be annoyed by the sound anymore.

These common faucet problems will no longer trouble you anymore. With the solutions provided, you can fix them on your own. If you are wondering on the importance of using a faucet aerator, then you should take note of the following benefits that you will gain.

Benefits of a Faucet Aerator

  • Installing them facilitates water conservation.

  • It helps with energy savings since it lowers the cost of heating water when washing dishes and other needs that require hot water.

  • It helps filter out small debris in the water supply.

best reliable and working faucet aerator

  • It also increases the water pressure.

  • The splashing is reduced by slowing down the water flow from the faucet.

  • The installation of this faucet part saves money on the water bills.

It is important to acquaint yourself with the common faucet problems so that you can fix them on your own if you happen to encounter one right in your home.