Anvil has been a leader in cotton-knit shirts for over a century. As one of the leading suppliers of T shirts for image shirts and promotional printers, Anvil shirts span the globe. What started as a small company offering quality shirts has expanded into an international company that is leading the pack in innovation and quality. With 70 different styles in nearly 100 colors, Anvil shirts have a product to meet nearly any need.

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Features of Anvil Shirts

  • Innovative, high-quality materials: From Anvil shirts made from PET milk bottles to materials sourced directly within the United States, Anvil ensures that all material used to create Anvil T shirts or Anvil polo shirts are of the highest quality. This means exceptional comfort and durability you can count on.
  • Variety of designs: Anvil shirts offer designs for men, women or children. The choices are nearly endless. From simple solid prints to bold geographical shapes and designs, it is easy to find the perfect shirt for your preferences or business needs.
  • Reputation: With over a century in the textile and knitwear industry, you can trust Anvil shirts to provide the best quality, materials and designs available. Should you encounter an issue with the Anvil T shirts wholesale process, you can rest easy knowing the company will work hard to resolve your issue and get your order completed as quickly as possible.
  • Manufacturing: Anvil shirts specialize in supplying private label and image wear brands. This means you can count on a steady supply of shirts regardless of the quantity you need. Whether you need 50 shirts or 1000 shirts, you can order with confidence knowing that Anvil shirts have the manufacturing power to quickly complete your order.

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However, Anvil is not just a big name. It is a leader in eco-friendly optimization and technology with the apparel manufacturing market. New lines, including the Anvil organic T shirts, Anvil recycled polos and the Anvil sustainable line have secured the company its rank as the sixth largest global organic program rated by the Organic Exchange. Combine these technologies with Anvil T shirts wholesale programs and you have a product that is affordable and flexible as well as eco-friendly. This makes it easy to jump into the green movement with your family or business.

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Popular Styles and Designs of Anvil Shirts

  • Anvil Knitwear 528: This women’s T shirt is available in sizes from XS to 2XL. Contoured side seams provide a form-fitting and attractive fit. Thirteen color choices, tear-away tags and reinforced seams and hems round out the offerings of this popular model.
  • Anvil Knitwear US911: This pocket T shirt is the ideal men’s T shirt. Pre-shrunk sizes from S to 4XL provide an ideal fit every time. Eight colors, including safety green and safety orange, offer plenty of choices to find the perfect Anvil shirts for your needs.
  • Anvil Organic 420: This line is available in sizes ranging from S to 4XL. Made of 100% organic cotton jersey, these shirts are not only comfortable but made from materials that minimize environmental impact. Sixteen possible colors make finding the perfect color simple.

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With Anvil shirts, you get to experience “not just a T shirt” but also quality construction, superb fit and maximum comfort.