Arctic Cat Snowmobiles combines quality craftsmanship with over 50 years of experience in snowmobile manufacturing and use to offer the leading brand in snowmobiles. According to the general manager of the company, these snowmobiles were five of the top ten snowmobiles in terms of overall sales for 2012. From Arctic Cat toy snowmobiles for children to powerful race sleds for the snowmobile racing enthusiast, there is a product in this snowmobile line up to fit any preference or need.

2013 luxurious arctic cat sno pro

Snowmobiles are not just a great way to cut through the powder and have fun with friends. They have functional uses as well. Common in areas that feature heavy snow cover during the winter, these powerful motorized sleds are also a popular form of transportation and light hauling. Their reduced weight compared to many other off-road vehicles makes them ideal for use on ice-covered lakes or other environments as well. However, the overall weight and performance can vary greatly from model to model.

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Things to Consider when Purchasing Snowmobiles

When looking for Arctic Cat snowmobiles for sale, there are a number of things to consider. These tips will help you find a great sled for your needs:

  • Condition: Snowmobiles are complex vehicles. Crashes and general wear and tear can influence the condition of snowmobiles greatly. Basic checks include the shell of the body, gas tank condition, brake condition, ski alignment and track condition. If you are unsure of the condition of a sled, many sled mechanics will perform an inspection for a small fee. While some repairs are simple and affordable, many snowmobile repairs can cost hundreds of dollars. A proper inspection will often save you money while ensuring the sled is safe to ride.

newest arctic cat snowmobile model

  • Age: The conditions in which snowmobiles are operated and stored can greatly affect their value over time. Racing snowmobiles or snowmobiles stored outdoors will decrease in value quicker than recreational snowmobiles or those stored in a controlled environment. If you are unsure as to value of snowmobiles, there are certified listings in most pricing blue books. Older snowmobiles are not always cheaper as vintage Arctic Cat snowmobiles have become popular amongst both collectors and enthusiasts and are increasing in value rapidly.
  • Accessories: When choosing snowmobiles, always consider accessories. While they can add allure to a sales package, you should ensure they are useful to you. Used helmets are never recommended and should never be considered in the overall price. Aftermarket exhaust or the addition of saddlebags can add greatly to the value of an Arctic Cat snowmobile.

vintage arctic cat maggot snowmobile

Tips when Operating a Sled

While Arctic Cat snowmobiles are fun to ride, they are powerful, dangerous machines. These safety tips should always be followed when operating your sled:

  • Ride of the right side of designated trails.
  • Use hand signals at all times.
  • Always ride defensively and actively.
  • Always wear proper safety equipment.
  • Only ride at speeds with which you are comfortable.
  • Never ride while intoxicated or otherwise impaired.
  • If riding away from home, always leave a planned route with friends or family in case something unexpected should occur.

Once you follow these safety tips, you will be assured of a safe trip using your Arctic Cat snowmobiles.