You’ve gathered your finest Chinaware, crystal stemware, and silver for the dinner party you’re hosting. But where does everything go? Learn exactly where to place the wine glasses, champagne flutes and even water glasses for a perfect table setting. Some dinners even have additional drinks, like champagne. Know how to align your Riedel glasses to achieve a proper table setting wine glasses included. Proper table setting takes into account the placement of all glasses and dining utensils.

appropriate table setting with wine glasses

How To Set Glasses On The Table

·        Water Glass

You won’t be able to set any of the wine glasses at each place setting without knowing where the water glasses go. Learn proper table setting wine glasses by first learning the correct placement for water glasses. Place the water glass at the 1:00 position, relative to the plate. This will be slightly be on the upper right portion of the plate’s center. The knife is placed directly to the right of the plate, and the water glass should be positioned directly above the table setting’s knife.

·        Wine Glass Placement on Table

If you’re only serving one type of wine, either red or white, then always place the one wine glass in the same place. Additional rules for specific placement of each type of glass are only needed when you’re serving more than one type of wine.

According to proper wine glass placement on table guidelines, the red or white wine glass goes below the water glass, and a little to its right. To identify them, the red wine glasses have a short, stout bowl. White wine glasses have a thinner, taller bowl.

If you have two glasses – a white wine glass and a red wine glass – then there’s a specific placing for each glass. Place the white wine glass above the tip of the knife and position the red wine glass to the left of the white wine glass, directly above the center of the plate.

formal setting of table with wine glasses

·        Additional Glasses

If you have more glasses to use at each place setting, there are specific places for these glasses, too. For example, you may be serving champagne and sherry along with your meal. The placement of the water glasses and the red and white wine glass placement on table will remain the same. According to proper table setting wine glasses, the champagne flute should go above and to the right of the first wine glass. On the other hand, the sherry glass should go to the right of the first wine glass.