When you have a proper shoe storage system, it will be easy for you to organize and coordinate all your shoes to be paired with your clothes. Not only that: it helps keep your shoes in great condition thus extending their lifespan.

On top of that, keeping your shoes in neat storages will help prevent the buildup of germs, fungi, and other microbes that could cause you skin problems when you decide to use them.

If you have a well-organized closet plus well-organized shoes, you can easily pick your outfit for the day. That would definitely cut your preparation time in the morning since you don’t waste important minutes hunting for which shoes to wear in a pile of disorganized shoes (or worse, hunting for the pair of the shoes you want to wear!)

DIY Proper Shoe Storage

If you like to know some tips or guidelines about proper shoe storage, continue reading this article.

  1. First, collect and sort out your shoes. Segregate those shoes that you will still wear and those you will throw away. Then you can now start sorting them. The Wedge bootie will be put together with your other boots. Do the same in your stilettos, flat shoes and sandals. You can also put together shoes by colors.
  2. Select your own storage system. You can think what proper storage you will use to keep your shoe collections together. If you have large collections, a dedicated closet is a perfect choice. There are others such as shoe bags, racks or cabinet.
  3. Maintain. Keep some products which will maintain the condition of shoes even if you are storing them. You can spend once a week in arranging and maintaining your shoes just to check on their conditions.

What are the types of proper shoe storage?

You can find many shoe storage accessories in which you can decide according to your space and number of collections. Get to know them so it will be easy for you to decide.

  1. The shoe rack. This is one of the most common shoe storage that can be bought anywhere in the department stores. There are shoe racks that you can purchase and place on the floor of your closet. There are also taller racks or even a rotating one to be placed in a walk-in closet.
  2. The shoe shelves. You can purchase this in a store which sells organizing materials. Typically they are made with woods and works good for children’s shoes. You can just place them on the floors.
  3. The shoe bags. Shoe bags are for limited space rooms. Instead of racks or selves, you can use bags and just hang them on walls. They are also preferred for shoes with delicate materials like authentic leather and suede.

Wedge Bootie Storage

Now you already have ideas about proper shoe storage and the types you can use.