Dancing is a creative way of delivering a message to an audience—the choice of dance clothes a dancer uses determines the extent to which he or she succeeds. Dancers have got a wide variety of dance clothes varying in size, color and complexity. Schools and studios will in most cases be particular on the kinds of clothing used while others won’t. Different dance styles will in many cases demand special clothing.

flexible stretchy purple leotards

Kinds of Dance Clothing for All Ages

Dance clothes for girls, hip hop dance clothes, dance clothes for kids, ballet tights are in all sizes and the choice of the right attire remains the big question.

  • Leotards are the most and widely used practice attire and dance clothes for kids and adults alike. They are fitting but stretchy which may be sleeveless, short or long sleeved. Due to their ability to hug the dancer’s body, an instructor is able to watch one’s form as s/he goes on with his/her practice. Black leotards are most common with the ballet dancers, while the rest of the dance classes allow some flexibility on colors and styles.
  • On to another genre of dance clothes, stirrup tights which can either be jazz tights or the ballet tights. They are very similar to tights only that they do not have an enclosed foot. This makes it more ideal for those dancing barefoot, when accompanied with the dance paws, this makes it very easy to make movements. They exist in ballet pink, white, suntan, light suntan and black colors.
  • Convertible tights are dance clothes for girls which are tight with a slit on the underside of the foot. They are worn like normal footless tights or alternatively as full foot tights. Convertible tights are very convenient and versatile to a wide class of dances.
  • Leggings play a great role in dance today. Many instructors will prefer white or pink tights when accompanied with a black leotard. However, jazz, hip hop and tap dances may allow a wider range of colors. Dance pants made of Lycra and cotton rhyme well with leggings. They are usually worn over the leotard allowing for the instructor to view the body form.
  • Warm up clothes are also a class of dance clothing and are often used as hip hop dance clothes. Sweaters and legwarmers will usually maintain the muscles until fully stretched. Due to the nature of many studios being cold, it is usually necessary that a dancer does warm-ups. Dancers will in this case wear such clothes until the end of the warm up period.

jordan black warm-up pants for men

Other Important Dancing Gear

It would be useless if we forget dance shoes in the art of dancing. Quality shoes play a huge role in dancing. Soft leather or ballet shoes will be most appropriate for ballet dancers in basic classes. Pointe shoes however, will be most appropriate for advanced dancers dancing on toes. They appear in white or pink made out of satin. Jazz shoes are made out of soft leather and floor gripping soles. Tap shoes will, in most circumstances, be made of patent leather. They are made of a metal below the toe and heel which makes the tap sound. Some hip hop shoes come in with special leather with raised heels.

In preparation for a competition, it is advisable that one carries an extra pair for any unexpected occurrence.