The matters of heart are best treated with love and respect. They need to grow and develop for which they need a steady dose of loyalty. In order to commemorate a beautiful loving relationship, people have been wearing different rings since early ages. They believe that a ring is worth more than just simple words for which rings such as promise rings, engagement and wedding rings have been exchanged representing a solemn vow of trust and loyalty. Out of them, promise rings are a bit different from the other two types of rings in terms of their meaning. The difference between a promise ring meaning and the reason symbolizing an engagement or wedding ring is that while a the latter two represents commitment or intent to marry, a promise ring signifies a strong bond of friendship between two people that makes them more than just simple friends.

sylish promise ring meaning

A promise ring meaning denotes its value in terms of friendship and loyalty that are the cornerstones for a developing relationship.  Even then people sometimes are still baffled with the whole concept of promise rings. They want to know what does a promise ring mean and why should they be exchanged? Like we said before, rings are considered as token of love, friendship and commitment. Every ring holds its significant value and the reason for which they stand for. Just like engagement rings which denotes a person’s commitment and intend to get married, a wedding ring symbolizes a holy matrimony.  Similarly the meaning of a promise ring is its representation of a promise that assures two people in a relationship. A promise can be of anything including the promise to stay faithful, the promise to cherish each other with love and respect or of any other kind that generates a bond between a couple and warmly assures them.

what does an attractive promise ring mean

Promise ring is more than just little pieces of jewelry; due to the deep and comforting meaning behind promise ring, it is an icon of support and loyalty not to mention love that help in binding two people and assuring them of each-others clear intentions. These rings are available in different sizes and a tantalizing collection of various mesmerizing designs. The warm promise ring meaning adds to the significant value of these rings, making them a valuable possession. Symbolically denoting the trueness and clarity of one’s heart, these rings can be given in lieu of any heartfelt promise.