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Precise dog food | Content Injection

Precise dog food is not among one of the most famous of the available food brands available in the market. One thing that should be noted by the dog owners is to check the FDAs pet food recall list before getting any food for their pet. The list consists of only qualified and good quality food products that are beneficial for the health of your pet. Keep a regular check on the list to get updated for any change.

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A Bit About The Company

The company which makes Precise Pet Food is called Texas Farm Products Company Ltd. This company also produces fertilizer and livestock feed. It was founded in 1930, and the main office was located in Nacogdoches in Texas. Until only recently, it was a completely family owned business of four generations. It has now been acquired by Kodo Inc. The brand was purchased by Kodo Inc on February 24, 2016.

Precise received a superior rating for their manufacturing plant by The American Institute of Baking. This is the highest level achievable. They took into account the company’s food safety protocols, operational methods, personnel practices, pest control, and the maintenance and cleaning practices of the company. The Precise Grain-Free pet food line was also awarded the Pet Business Magazine’s Industry Recognition Award in 2013.

A Bit About Precise Dog Food

Precise dog food is available in three distinct categories: Precise, Precise Plus dog food and Precise Holistic Complete. All of the three distinct categories are suitable for different dog requirements and fulfill different requirements of the dog’s body. One of the first ingredients of dog food will consist mainly of meat or majorly on meat meal. When it comes to the second ingredient, it is usually a protein-based ingredient. However, most manufacturers will integrate carbohydrates into it as the second food ingredient. Precise dog food contains brown rice and ground oats for completing the required amount of carbohydrates to provide sufficient energy to the dog. Some dog food items avoid mixing grains, like corn, into their products, since ingesting those may result in allergic reactions to the dogs. This is because most grains have often been found responsible for various allergic problems in all kinds of pets.

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It is often seen that many dogs are allergic to their dog foods and it is very important to read the ingredients carefully before using the dog food. Precise dog food does not have any specific ingredient that can cause any kind of allergic reactions to your dog.

Generally, dogs have specific skin allergies associated with the ingredients of their food. So, make sure to read the ingredients beforehand as there are many dogs that should not be fed with specific substances in their diet. Most Precise dog food reviews state it to be a good dog food for the overall health of your dog.

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In addition to the quality of dog food, there are some more reasons why people choose Precise dog food out. The primary factor for this would be because of its affordability. Unlike other dog foods, Precise dog food is not a corn-heavy type of foods, hence you can see an observable improvement in the health of your dog. Some of the major concerns most of the dog owners have, which made them trust this brand is because of the high carbohydrate content of Precise dog food and the quality of meat meals used in the product.

Another important thing is to find out the amount of food you should feed your dog with. It depends upon different factors like the age, weight and activity level of your dog. It is better to go and ask your trusted veterinarian about this since he/she can give you valid suggestions. As for where to buy Precise dog food, you can get it either at your dog store or you can even apply for an online order.

precise plus dog lamb sweet potato dry food.

Pros and Cons of Precise Dog Food


All of the Precise range of dog foods are made in the United States using natural, American ingredients, or those sourced from New Zealand.

The Precise dog food company has an excellent quality assurance program. They have their own on-site laboratory to test ingredient safety. All of the company’s pet food ranges also feature the Precise Life Circle Essentials, which include the following:

  • Real Meat
  • Cell Protectors
  • Herbals
  • Prebiotics
  • Botanicals
  • Balanced Omegas and Fatty Acids
  • Human-Grade Supplements
  • Natural Antioxidants

All of the Precise food ranges are without wheat, dairy, soy, corn, animal by-products, sorghum, or any artificial preservatives such as BHT, BHA, or ethoxyquin.


Not all of the Precise food formulas are grain-free. However, they do have a small grain-free line. When it comes to canned food though, this option is quite limited, despite this being very important to dogs. Dogs need the moisture in the wet food to prevent chronic, low-level dehydration. This is hard on their organs in the long term. That doesn’t mean, however, that the protein and real meat are unimportant.

Precise Dog Food: Conclusion

The overall health and good condition of your dog depends upon the food fed to him, and with Precise dog food, you are assured of both healthy and tasty food for your dog. Have you ever given your dog Precise dog food? What was their reaction to it? What are your own thoughts on Precise dog food? We would love to read your comments on it. Leave a comment in the section below this article.