Power is very essential for the operation of various electronics. In some cases, one may be required to go to a place where there is no direct supply of power. In such a scenario, a portable power supply source will be very handy. Also, these portable power sources come in handy when there is power interruption. They ensure that electronics such as the refrigerator continues functioning in the occurrence of a power outage. These power sources are also used in camping trips to power up music players, portable fans, tent lights and other electronics.

For electronics such as cameras, mobile phones and camcorders, a portable battery power supply comes in handy. There are the portable 12v power supply and 24v power supply batteries that you can go for.

portable power supply with hand crank emergency backup

Other Types of Portable Power Supply

 There are also other types of portable power supply sources that are available in the market and for varying degrees of power needs. They include:

Generators– these generators use gasoline to operate and generate the required power. There are those that are battery operated and electrically-operated. Generators come in different varieties depending on the power output. There are those meant for commercial use and those for domestic use.

Solar power generators – these are power sources that rely on the energy of the sun to generate power. These are considered as environment friendly energy sources and they are useful for both domestic and commercial purposes, and are used mainly for lighting and heating purposes.

Portable USB power supply – this is a type of power source that is used for charging cameras, music players and mobile phones. It uses a USB cable to be connected to the various devices.

Portable laptop power supply – this is specially designed to power up laptops once the laptop battery is drained. This portable power supply is compatible with most of the laptop brands available in the market.

Advantages and Disadvantages

These power supplies have some advantages and disadvantages. These should be taken into consideration when purchasing the portable power supplies.


  • They are portable thus can be easily transported from one point to another.
  • They are easy to use
  • They have different power output thus can be used for both commercial and domestic uses
  • They are durable
  • They do not produce noise and if they do, like the generators, it is quite minimal
  • Readily affordable


  • Most have a low power output
  • They do not hold power for a long time

newest sony usb portable ultra-sim aluminum power supply

Shopping Tips

When purchasing a portable power supply, consider:

  • Its voltage output
  • Mode of charging – if it is USB, electric or battery powered
  • Cost of the device
  • Intended use

These portable power supplies are effective especially during power outages or when in places without power thus ensure to get one of these power supplies.