Hosting a huge party but can’t do them indoors? Go outdoors and use a portable gazebo! A portable gazebo can make a makeshift shelter in a jiffy which is ideal for parties and other outdoor activities. So depending upon the kind of requirement you have, you can choose from the different varieties of the portable gazebo available in the market today. Here are some tips in buying portable gazebos.

waterproof portable gazebo

  • Size – there are numerous portable gazebos sold today. Some small just enough to shelter a small table for two and some huge ones capable of housing a group of people.
  • Style -Some are just plain portable gazebos composed of a simple tarpaulin roof and metal bars to support it while others are more complicated which includes elaborate designs.
  • Portability – Simple ones can really be mobile metal gazebos where you can fold it into pieces and pack it in a huge duffel bag. Others are just portable due to the fact that you can move them.

There are several models of portable gazebo available such as the 30 series, 35 series and 40 series offered by the Canopy outdoor company which is apparently one of the most reputed brands in the market today. Generally, their products have rated as one of the best and their prices are also reasonable compared to the services and equipment’s that they offer. At present, their standard size portable gazebo with all essential features is priced at $480 and you get a one year warranty for all of these products.

portable gazebo canopy with insects screen

It depends on your choice whether you want to get something cheaper or if you are willing to spend more, then you should definitely go for this brand. There are also cheaper portable gazebo canopy available in the market and generally cost around $80 although it may not be as fancy and reliable as the above mentioned ones. The decision is entirely up to you and if you are careful enough while handling the gazebo, then you can still manage to use the cheaper outdoor portable gazebo for a longer period of time although it might not be so easy.

Moreover, if you are going to have a fancy party and want to have a great ambience, then you will have to get yourself an expensive gazebo or you should be creative enough to decorate them or customize them in every possible way that you can. Everything requires a certain level of dedication and commitment from your side and the rest depends on the amount of skills that you have in doing the your convenience, there are also portable gazebo kits available in the market that are much more easy to set up and have all the standard tools and instructions that you will be needing to set up these gazebos with just a few steps.