Today, you can find many different types of scarves made from decorative and warm materials. Most people wear scarves around their neck to feel warm during the rainy and cold season, but you can also wear them as fashionable accessories throughout the year. In some countries, women have to wear scarves because of cultural and religious practices.

There are all kinds of scarves on the market nowadays including handmade and designer labels. So, you can find the ideal scarves to add to your wardrobe whether for warmth, fashion or a combination of both. Scarves are attractive and versatile in any shape, size or form. Some of the most popular types of scarves are made from materials such as:

  • Cashmere

  • Silk

  • Fleece

  • Satin

  • Wool

 different types of scarves

  • Cotton

  • Rayon

  • Poly-blends

  • Polyester

  • Sheer fabrics

Some of the popular types of scarves

1. Regular Scarves

These scarves are extremely popular during the winter. When you choose these scarves you will have endless ways to play around with many styles, colors and patterns. Wearing these scarves with your day wear will allow you to enjoy the cold winter months in a stylish and comfortable way.

2. Circle Scarves

These easy-to-wear scarves offer a fashionable way for you to keep your shoulders and neck well-protected and warm in the tough winters. You can opt for wool or knit circle scarves in vibrant solid colors.

3. Triangle Scarves

Get these fashion accessories if you are going for a look that is funky and trendy. Choose triangle scarves in bold patterns, bright colors and beautiful prints for your winter outfits. These are ideal for semi-formal and elegant tops.

4. Over-Size Scarves

These scarves would be perfect if you want long, big styles that you can wrap around your neck and still go past your knees. Just imagine that you are wearing an over-size leopard scarf with your favorite pair of blue jeans, a black comfy top and some fashionable boots.

stylish and affordable leopard scarf

5. Shawl scarves

If you want to show off your elegant and feminine side, the shawl scarves will allow you to do just that. Wear your shawl scarf round your neck or cross it casually in front. These scarves can go well with many outfits and they are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

6. Embroidered scarves

These scarves are extremely attractive and you can wear them to dress up a simple sweater, suit or blouse. You can tie dressy scarves in many unique styles or casually drape them loosely over your shoulders and neck.

When you are ready to shop, you will discover many different types of scarves for your casual and formal outfits. You can wear your scarves as fashion accessories to enhance your outfits or as outer garments. Take advantage of the wide variety of styles to experiment with different colors and patterns until you get the perfect combinations to jazz up your existing wardrobe.