If you’re in the market for wood desks then you’ve entered an exciting world of varied choice. There are many different sizes, styles, and storage configurations for your common wood computer desks and solid wood desks in general.

Are you a writer? Then a writing desk is perfect for you. Perhaps maybe you simply require a study desk for your home? These are choices for wood desks that are available today. The ever-popular reclaimed wood desks have been a crowd favorite and you’ll read more about them here in a moment.

contemporary style reclaimed wood desks

The prices and storage configurations differ greatly for wood computer desks. From a couple hundred up to a couple thousand dollars, pricing varies for all wood desks. You’ll be able to find L-shaped corner desks, all-in-one computer desk workstations, and even cherry laptop desks. Personal preferences and needs play the role in selecting the right wood desks since every home presents its own challenges for living and decor space.

Popular Wood Desk Types and Styles

  • Writing Desks

These are desks designed to accommodate the avid writer. Do you enjoy sitting down by a window, pen in hand, and freely putting your thoughts on paper? These writing desks are a perfect fit for such a scenario. Writing desks are compact and have folding or rolling covers to conceal current work. This helps keep the living area tidy and organized; the original writing desks were designed for sitting down for personal letter writing.

modern style wood desks

  • L-Shaped And Corner Desks

Your home’s corners can be optimized for workflow by using an L-shaped desk. Your wood computer desk can be configured to fit a corner so that the user has two large table areas spanning outwardly from a corner in the home.

  • Decorative Study Desks

Ornate decorative styling is the hallmark of antique and custom solid wood desks. The design of a study desk can sometimes look like an overgrown bread cabinet set up on legs. You can often find intricate, hand-carved designs for these desks with a minimalist storage capacity and shelf space.

Common Uses And Features

  • Writing or study
  • Computer and work use
  • Mass storage desks
  • Mobile laptop standing desks

perfect wood computer desks

There’s a vast array of common uses for desks. The features vary as much as the practical use. From expanded storage desks to minimalist designs for letter writing, your options are many. In general, the features you’ll find for desks are the single-legged, mobile cart option and four-legged wood desks. Most of them will have at least one large compartment for cabinet storage all the way up to 7-drawer systems.

In a league of their own are the reclaimed wood desks. These are desks that are made using previously used wood. The distinguished nature of this wood is rough-hewn, sometimes with nicks and imperfections not seen in fresh-milled wood. It gives your wood desks an air of rich history and quality as they seem to stand the test of time.

Maintenance Tips

As is the case with all your home furnishings, your wood desks will require special attention and care. You’ll want them to last a long while so try to keep your desks away from areas of intense, all-day direct sunlight.

astonishing solid wood desks

  • Wipe up liquid spills quickly
  • Keep the table and shelf areas clean and polish them regularly
  • Use an electric sander to remove old varnish before re-painting

Keep your desks in great shape using the easy-to-follow punch list above for reference. Many people simply have a set-it-and-forget-it furniture mentality but even a routine wipe down can help preserve the life of your wood desks.

With so many options and decorative styles and functions, the best solid wood desks are a joy to browse. Many online furniture retailers, as well as brick and mortar stores, offer reclaimed wood desks and even multi-function wood computer desks perfect for home office use. Be sure to measure the space in which you will place your wood desks to avoid issues with furniture fit.