There’s been a big buzz around the spoon ringtrend, and like other popular ring designs, this type of ring is nowadays produced in many different shapes and designs. Here are some popular ring designs that are going to be huge this summer.

Must Have Rings For This Summer

  • Statement Rings

This is not a time to hide yourself or to wear unpretentious accessories. Big stones and colored gems on your fingers is among the most popular ring designs. Wear a ring that states your greatness!

  • “Green” Rings

More and more women are willing to free this planet from wars and slavery, so much so that many brands and designers now offer ring collections that are eco-friendly and make use of conflict-free diamonds and stones.

the most popular ring designs

  • Geometric Rings

Thanks to Lady Gaga and other iconic singers of our time, geometric rings are again a must-have for every girl that stays up with the trends and wants to show the world her independence and confidence.

How to Take Care of Your Rings

After choosing among the most popular ring designs,
cleaning and storing your rings in the right way to prevent them from becoming dirty and out dated is important. Many times, newly bought rings grow a green thin layer underneath it, thanks to the chemical interaction of copper usually present in the ring’s formula, which that comes in contact with your skin. This usually happens when you’re wearing sterling silver. It’s not so common when it comes to golden rings, but, as a rule of thumb, the lower the carat of the ring is, the more chances are there that copper is in it.

There are some tricks, however, that will avoid this green color to grow on your ring. Here are some of them:

  • Paint a thin layer of nail polish on the inside of your ring. This is perhaps the most effective way to keep your ring clean. By painting the inner side of the ring, you will provide a protective coat between the ring and your skin, so that no chemical reaction will take place.

simple yet elegant spoon ring

  • If the nail polish wears off, it could always be replaced by another layer. Spray some of your deodorant around your finger where you put your ring on. The green color develops because of the sweat of your skin that comes in contact with copper, which in turn creates a chemical reaction. The deodorant will help the perspiration not to build up. Apply this tip every time you wear the ring.

  • Have a jeweler apply silver plating or the imitation of a rhodium coating. This solution will avoid the contact between the skin and copper.

  • Do not use the ring when you come in contact with water. Swimming or daily activities like washing your dishes can cause your ring to turn green, so before wearing any ring, clean and dry your hands thoroughly.

  • Watch out the acid intake in your diet. Too many acids in your meals, like oranges and lemons, can cause some skin reactions when in contact with metals.

Taking care of your rings is a serious business for the fashionistas. Have fun with the latest popular ring designs and wear your ring day and night!