Shimano Inc. was founded in 1921. Shimano is based in Sakai, Japan. It is a multinational company that manufactures cycle components, rowing equipment and fishing tackle. Shimano bike is famous all over the world. It has 32 subsidiaries. Their main manufacturing plants are located in China, Singapore, and Malaysia.

50% of the different Shimano bike parts are used in all types of bikes manufactured these days. The range of components includes crank sets, chain rings, chains, bottom brackets, wheels, gear trains, shifters, rear chain sprockets, shift levers, brakes, cables, brake levers, front and rear derailleurs for road, mountain as well as hybrid bikes. Shimano manufactures components that are planned as the group sets, which are used as a collection of the main parts in a bicycle that is generally sold as Shimano bike. They manufacture quality products that are durable and reliable.

full suspension mountain bike with shimano 24 speeds

Shimano Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are intended for different riding terrains and styles. A Shimano mountain bike using their group sets provides an excellent performance. There are different categories of mountain bikes including Trail, All mountains, Free ride, Cross country, Downhill, and Dust jump. Shimano manufactures the important parts for all these.

Shimano Mountain Bike Group Sets

  • Shimano XTR: It is a top of the range of lightweight mountain bike group set.
  • Shimano XT: This is a lightweight performance oriented group set
  • Shimano Saint: It includes super rigid components for the toughest terrain.
  • Shimano SLX: This range is designed for continuous mountain rides.
  • Shimano Deore: It is an affordable range without any compromise on quality.

Shimano mountain bike has specially designed wheels that are lightweight, tough and reliable. These include XTR, XT, MT55, and MT15 MTB Wheels

Shimano Road Bike

Road Bikes are made for cycling on the paved roads, plain paths and moving fast. Shimano also makes the road bike group sets for light, rigid, and durable bikes. The following group sets are used to make Shimano road bikes by different manufacturers:

  • Dura-Ace: It is a top range of light and fast bikes, used by pros.
  • Ultra: Has sleek design, durability and excellent performance
  • 105: Uses “pro-level” technology for enthusiasts
  • Tiagra: Has an ergonomic design for fitness and sports.
  • Sora: Is meant for sport-recreation.

Shimano Wheels

Shimano’s XTR and Dura-Ace have transformed the modern wheel technology. Shimano focuses on innovation, lightweight, aerodynamics, rigidity, and perfection. Shimano Road Bike Wheels include Dura-Ace, Ultegra, R, and RS series wheels.

Shimano 105 Pedals Features

105 Pedals 5700 are compatible with the 105 10-speed group set.

  • These are wide and made of lightweight alloy to provide more area of contact with the shoe to enable maximum power transfer and support and provide extra road clearance.
  • The large binding allows quick engagement and wide cleats allow efficient pedaling.
  • The pedals have an open design for easy access as well as cleat adjustment. These are highly durable.

Shimano Bike Parts

The most popular of the Shimano bike parts include: the STI integrated shifter and brake lever combination for racing bicycles, SM-SH50 (MTB) and SM-SH70 (Road) pedals, SPD cleats, hubs, rims, Shimano hyper glides shifting system , drive trains, Shimano XTR adjustable rear derailleur.

The new 2013 SLX rear Derailleur strengthen the interface between the derailleur and frame for precise shifting and easier wheel removal. Gear Shifters, V, rim and disc brakes, clipless cleats are also some of the most favorite parts of a Shimano bike.

new jeep cherokee full suspension

Shimano Folding Bike

This compact 20″ bike is most suitable for commuting in urban environments.

  • It has an easy fold mechanism and can be stored in a smaller space.
  • It has mud guards, a built-in rack that can be used for carrying goods.
  • The seat height is adjustable.
  • It is provided with a 6 speed grip shifter.
  • The overall folded dimensions are 24″ x 34″ x 32″ and it weighs 35 lbs.

The other features of this Shimano bike include a middle kickstand, safety reflectors, V brakes and a bell.

These are just some of the quality products and features that made Shimano bike popular among enthusiasts.