When shopping for Nike lacrosse cleats you know you’re browsing a high-quality shoe. It is built for the terrain and impact of this physical sport. Whether you’re playing field lacrosse or box play, Nike offers a premier line of Nike womens lacrosse cleats and ones for men as well.

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Popular Cleats And Their Features

The entire Nike lacrosse cleats line offers superior shoes for the sport. But, as in all product lines, there are some market leaders. Below you’ll find some of the more popular cleats and their key features.

  • Nike Speedlax Meant for women as a low cut cleat. It is a lightweight shoe with synthetic leather upper and meant for speed. In terms of traction this shoe has a TPU outsole for improved maneuverability on various play surfaces.
  • Alpha Speed D 3/4 – These Nike lacrosse cleats are detachable and a great hybrid for the multi-sport player (namely, football). If you seek support from a 7-stud plate outsole then these are the cleats for you. Enjoy the perfect fit offered by a sockliner comprised of EVA foam.

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  • Vapor Talon Elite – The Nike Vapor lacrosse cleats feature a dual-density sockliner. You get a speed boost from the lightweight design and a Nike Pebax outsole technology for precision cuts and agility. At 9.8 oz, this zonal support offering lacrosse cleat is a sure winner.
  • Nike Air Zoom Huarache 3 – Here you have a low-cut shoe with ankle straps that offer a mid-cut support structure. The Phylon midsole offers fantastic comfort while the lightweight and molded outsole improves speed and handling. You won’t go wrong with these 11.7 oz Nike Huarache lacrosse cleats.
  • Nike Land Shark 2 – This shoe has been on the market for 30 years. It is proven and durable. Its patented Shark outsole offers enhanced traction and control on multiple lacrosse play surfaces. It’s an affordable cleat at under $40 featuring synthetic uppers for a perfect fit.

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Nike Lacrosse Cleats Shopping Guide

If you’re new to the sport then you’ll want to keep these basic shopping tips in mind.

  • Sizing

The fit of your cleat is of utmost importance. Traction and design mean nothing when your feet are sliding around the inside of the shoe. Most people buy shoes of improper size. Make sure you have an accurate foot measurement taken before purchasing Nike lacrosse cleats.

  • Usage

You’ll need to consider the type of terrain and stress you’ll be putting on the shoes. If you’re going to be on open fields then the shoes you select will differ than indoor box play. Also, men and women have different cleats available along with different lacrosse rules (body checking). The more impact involved in your version of play, the more durable and protective the cleats need to be.

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  • Speed

If you’re a heavier person, a high-density foam midsole and other features need to offer you cushioning. It’s important to check the ratings on the materials used for the impact on weight they have in the shoe’s design. The heavier the shoe, the more it’ll hold you back when running. For lighter folks, durability and traction design will matter more for speed and agility.

These important tips will guide you in choosing the ideal Nike lacrosse cleats for you.