Fish oils come from the tissues of oily fishes. They have been established to have some components that are very essential for normal human metabolic processes. They have omega-3-fatty acids which have been established to reduce inflammation among many other health benefits in the body. There are many manufacturers who are producing these oils currently. This accounts for the many brands that are in the market. These brands vary with their popularity among users. The popular fish oil brands have attained their statuses due to many factors.

most popular nordic naturals omega fish oil

Popular Fish Oil Brands

In order to become popular, any brand of fish oil must have unique properties that make it stand out from the rest. The most popular fish oil brands currently include:

  • Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Gels: These gels contain both DHA and EPA fatty acids. They are purified to remove any impurities that may be found in the oil. They are available in both capsule and liquid forms. Moreover, they are available in strawberry flavor for those who are offended by the aftertaste.
  • Carlson Laboratories: This is also among the most popular fish oil brands. Their cod liver oil products were studied and proposed as the best choice fish oil supplement by the Environmental Defense Council. This brand is also available in different flavors as well as in chewable tablets for children.
  • Spring Valley Fish Oil: This brand is from Ocean Nutrition in Canada. The fish oil capsules for this brand are enteric-coated, thus, they can resist stomach acidity and be released properly in the small intestines where the medications and nutrients are absorbed. Moreover, a product from this brand was identified by the United States Pharmacopeia for its purity.

There are many other popular fish oil brands in the market today like the Nature’s Bounty fish oil. The level of the popularity of the different brands is determined by a number of factors. The purity of the products is a major determining factor. Generally, popular fish oil brands have been established to meet the purity standards for the products that they produce. The more a fish oil product is pure, the more the brand is popular among users.

Another factor that influences the popularity of a certain brand of fish oil is the marketing strategy for the brand. Usually, effective marketing of any product would yield more popularity. Most of the producers of fish oils have marketed their products well. Though two different brands may have similar marketing strategies, the popularity of these brands may differ greatly due to their quality. The presentation of the fish oil products also determines their popularity.

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Most popular fish oil brands provide their fish oil products in a variety of formulations and physical states. They provide these products in capsules, tablets or fluids. Additionally, they are flavored to increase their palatability for people who can’t stand the aftertaste. Products from Nature’s Bounty fish oil are available in the said formulations to cater needs for different people. The addition of these fancy flavors to the fish oil makes their products acceptable by more users thus increasing their popularity. Pay attention to your health by taking these beneficial fish oils.