Easter is a time of celebrating the arrival of spring and the resurgence of new life and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s also a time for eating lots of traditional foods, including Easter dessert.

Traditional Easter Dessert Ideas

Some Easter Dessert Ideas

Sweet and delicious Easter dessert may be found in several forms all over the world like the sweet cinnamon and syrup flavor of Greek Baklava or the cross buns in Great Britain. Some of the other Easter dessert ideas are:

Lamb Easter Cake

Delicious sweet pound cake or other flavors of cake are sometimes seen as an Easter cake shaped like a lamb. The lamb is a symbol of spring and also stands for fertility. If you want to make an Easter dessert recipe like this, you can buy a lamb shaped cake pan and use a regular boxed cake mix or a homemade recipe. Many times the icing is made with coconut to look like the lamb’s wool.

Carrot or Bunny Easter Cake

Cute Bunny Easter Cake

Easter cakes can also be shaped like carrots or bunnies. The bunny symbolizes the Easter Bunny, as well as new life and fertility and the carrot is of course what the bunny eats. You can color the icing orange for the carrot and make the bunny an appropriate bunny color. Then, serve it up as a tasty treat on special Easter dessert plates decorated with bright colors or Easter designs.

Overloaded Easter Dessert Plates

Easter Cupcakes

Easter cupcakes can be made in any flavor using any Easter dessert recipe for cupcakes. Then, use some green coconut and some jelly beans to decorate the top to resemble an Easter basket and eggs. Or, you can sprinkle on some tiny colored marshmallows or multi-colored candies. Let the kids help for some Easter fun!

Easy Easter Dessert Recipe

Easter cookies

You can also make sugar cookies for an Easter dessert and bake them in shapes of eggs, bunnies, crosses, chicks, flowers and whatever other Easter or spring shape you like. Then paint it with colorful icing and decorate it with colored sugar,

Other Easter Desserts

Some of the other sweet treats made into an Easter dessert are lemon or key lime pies, strawberry pie or shortcakes, lemon curd spread on cakes or cookies or used as filling for tarts, ambrosia ( a mix of oranges, pineapples, marshmallows and coconut in a whip cream base with red cherries to symbolize the blood of the risen Savior) or homemade chocolate Easter eggs.