Candles are a unique invention of man. They are being used from times unknown not only to provide light when there was no electricity, but for various other reasons and have an aesthetic value in everyone’s lives. Hence there are so many candle manufacturers who are always creating something unique and something special to offer their customers.

There are innumerable places and occasions where candles are used. The well known candle manufacturers like Abbey candles, Beauty Naturals and others offer different types of candles appropriate for the venues. These exotic candles are used not only in homes and worshipping places but also in spas, hotels, boutiques and candle-lit dinners.

mizensir- the quenn of all candles

Various Types Of Candles

To cater to all the needs of the buyers, candle manufacturers like Aroma Naturals, The Candleberry Candle Company and the other manufacturers have presented an array of candles of countless varieties like:

  • Straight glass candles
  • Square candles
  • Travel tins
  • Scented candles
  • Pillar candles
  • Votive candles
  • Dipped candles
  • Roller candles
  • Cylindrical candles
  • Battery operated flameless candles

All these are available in various sizes, shapes, colors and fragrances at the various established outlets that are the direct distributors of the candle manufacturers. One can go through the sites of the different candle manufacturers like Lumi-lite Candle Company, Swan Creek Candle Company, Tyler Candle Company and others. All the products can be viewed at their respective sites along with their prices and where they are available so that customers do not have any difficulty in getting them.

Uses Of Candles

Nowadays, candles are used to add a special touch to the occasions.

  • Beautiful colored candles with enchanting fragrances change the entire mood of any situation. They help to create a soothing and romantic atmosphere.
  • In the spas and boutiques, candles create a soft and relaxing ambience that helps to relieve stress and rejuvenates the senses. Scented candles are profusely used for aromatherapy.
  • Small candles of innovative shapes often add color and fun to a birthday party.
  • The religious candles offered by the candle manufacturers create a pious and sublime atmosphere in places of worship.

scented orchid guava filled candle

The new products of the candle manufacturers are the battery operated candles that are flameless and the musical candles. They are really amazing especially the battery operated ones are not only beautiful but are safer and very practical products. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, during power failure as well as to create the romantic mood.

The Tyler Candle Company is among the well known candle manufacturers that offer exclusive fragrant candles of different shapes and scents apart from the regular candles. Their products are unique in quality and may be considered as designer candles. Users speak highly of the Tyler Candle Company and its products as the quality is the best in the market and the candles leave a long-lasting fragrance that enchants every customer. They are used as wonderful gift items especially for Christmas.

However, when selecting candles for the special events, one should look out for the candle manufacturers original outlets so that products are original and authentic. The wick and the wax must be of the highest quality. The wicks that have metal in them should never be purchased as they may lead to lead poisoning. It is for this reason that candles should always be purchased from the candle manufacturers who are very cautious about the quality of their products and maintain the set rules.