All through the past, candle production was separately developed in several countries. It was during the period of the Qin Dynasty in 221 to 206 BC that the most basic known candles were made out of whale fat. These candles were used primarily as a light source since there was no electricity at the time. The 20th century changed the way people see candles.  Candles now are becoming more of decorative items with broad array of sizes, shapes, and colors. Additionally, the curiosity of people with scented candles has escalated, especially those who like relaxing aromas in massage parlors, spas, or even in their homes. With the demand of scented candles, popular candle fragrances can be deduced from their purchases.

first class vanilla scented candle

Popular Candle Fragrances

  • There are many scents that are readily available in the market but the most popular candle fragrance is vanilla. This, along with vanilla-based aromas has remained basically the most popular candle fragrance for a long time.
  • Fruity scents come as the second most popular fragrance in candle groupings. Some common fruit fragrances used in candles are orange, lemon, and apple.
  • Floral scents come next to fruity fragrances in the most popular candle fragrances with rose, lavender, and jasmine as common choices.
  • Zen scents comes as the fourth most popular candle fragrance, with oriental aromas that are very light and calming to the senses.

zen garden scented candle

How to Make a Candle

Candle making is also becoming popular nowadays. It can be made as a hobby or for profit purposes. If you love to try making your own candles and do not know how to do it, you can follow this step by step guide on making candles with a popular candle fragrance of your choice.

1. Select a molder that is smooth and easy, which is the one that you can pull the candle out after it has been dried out. You can also put vegetable oil for ease of removal.

2. Have a double boiler ready. Fill half the container with water and bring it to boil. When the water starts to boil lightly, put the second container inside and fill it with scented wax slices or chips. The scented wax needs to be melted slowly. Wax heating must be indirect and it should be stirred occasionally with a stick to ensure that the wax remains melted all throughout.

3. Cut a portion of string that is two times the length of the candle mold. Knot a loop at one end that will act as a grip. Dip the string in the melted wax as soon as the wax is ready. Then hang and dry it out so that when the mold is ready you can have nice, straight wicks.

4. Ready the mold and with extra cautions, pour the still melted wax in the mold. In the center, place the wick with the aid of a pencil to keep it centered and suspended. Then let the candle cool down and dry for several days.

One of the greatest advantages if you make your own candle is that you get it personalized and you can choose what popular candle fragrance suits your personal mood that you will surely enjoy.