The best total body workouts involve working your whole muscles and joints together. The advantage of this type of exercise is to improve not only your strength but also with your coordination, agility, endurance and balance. Working out helps you avoid health problems such as heart attack, stroke, obesity, diabetes and many more. You can also maintain fit body and avoid excessive fats on your body that could lead to health complication. But the best total body workouts need great time and effort to perform. In short, you need time in doing the daily activity and effort for it to take effect.

Examples of the Best Total Body Workouts

best total body workouts for men

  • Push-up with Raising leg. This exercise works well with your triceps, chest and core. First, lay down on the floor with your stomach and hands wide open apart and toes hip wide apart behind. In that position, push yourself upward and tighten the abs and straighten your back. Your arms must be extended upward. Then, raise the right leg behind you and gently lower yourself downward through bending your elbow. Repeat the process on the other leg and do it 5 to six times.

  • Lunge with Turn. This is one of the best total body workouts that work well with your muscles and legs. Make sure you perform it with medicine ball. Stand up with your feet wide apart and hold the ball in front of you. Step forward using your left leg and then lower your body through bending your knees. Once the thigh is already aligned on the floor and the right knee is just one inch above the ground, rotate your upper body and put the ball on your left hip. Do the process on the other side.

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  • Squat with Curls. This exercise will do well with your biceps and legs. The equipment you need is a dumbbells and stability ball. Pin the ball on the wall using the mid back and then hold your dumbbells on the side. Step forward while your feet are wide apart, and then bend your knees to lower yourself. Once your tights are already aligned on the floor, slowly stand up and lift your dumbbells on your chest. When you are in an upright position, forcefully embrace your biceps and squat yourself. Also, lower the arms on your side. Just duplicate the exercise ten to twelve times.

Here are some of the popular best total body workouts you can do. When you need a machine that can work your whole body, Sole E25 elliptical is the best to assist you in achieving that body beautifyl you want.