The Poison perfume from Christian Dior perfume house was launched in 1985 and it still exists in the market until today. This Dior Poison perfume has inspired several spin-offs, which include the following: (1) Tendre Poison, which appeared in 1994; (2) Hypnotic Poison which was released in 1998; (3) Pure Poison which was launched in 2004; and (4) Midnight Poison which was released in 2007.

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This Poison perfume for women possesses a blend of honey, berries, amber and other spices. The fragrance is very intense even with small application. Thus, the Poison perfume is ideally applied in pulse points only. Adding a large amount may cause headache in some people. The fragrance has a strong staying scent, which is still noticeable even on the next day after the application.

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People can easily detect the scent of the apricot and coconut as well the sweet spicy vanilla fragrance of Poison perfume. The fragrance is usually described as heavy and stimulating. Therefore, it is recommended to apply it sparingly and one should use neutral body lotions and shower gels before applying the perfume. For women who want to smell differently every single day, they can go for the Christian Dior Variety, which comes as a 5-piece mini variety. It is made up of Jadore, Dior Addict, Pure Poison, Dolce Vita and Dune for women.

While most scents of other brands of perfumes quickly expire, the Poison perfume by Christian Dior is one of the long lasting perfumes that have ever hit the fragrance industry. This is the type of perfume that men would never be embarrassed to give as gifts to their women. However, do take note that this feminine scent is recommended to be worn by women with ages 18 to 40.

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After the successful launch of Tendre Poison Perfume in 1994, Christian Dior introduced another type of Poison perfume, known as the Hypnotic Poison perfume in 1998. Hypnotic Poison is considered as one of the bestselling perfumes in the Dior Poison Family. The Hypnotic Poison perfume is stored in an apple-shaped, dark red little bottle. Women wearing this type of perfume during a romantic date will definitely seduce their men with this fragrant love potion since this perfume works like an aphrodisiac of the men’s senses.

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The other types of Poison fragrance included in the Christian Dior collection also come with the distinct high quality. Getting some idea on how each type of Poison perfume smells like, can be done by visiting some Christian Dior outlet shops or in some magazines, which include some on-page fragrance sampling. Aside from its notable fragrance, other intriguing factors of Dior Poison perfume are the appearance of the bottles and the smooth color of the liquid, which can be an added attraction.