Plus size women were also designed to have plus size bras. The availability of a wide range of designs for plus size bras allows for these women to look lovely in all outfits, including summer time dresses and tops. These bras allow the large breasted women to look sexy and at the same time feel confident because of the great support their breasts receive.

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Uses of Plus Size Bras

Women with big breasts can get away with almost all kinds of clothes today since there are plus size push up bras for them too. These plus size bras enhance the shape of their breasts by lifting or pushing them up, showing more cleavage. They are available in various styles and variations like the plus size bustier bras. Wearing these bras give one a sexy and beautiful look in almost all kinds of dresses and tops. For the sporty and athletic women, sports bras are top on their priority list. Plus size sports bras are a vital need for the large breasted women as they provide for firm support to their breasts; hence, better comfort and more ease during sports activities.

The size of women’s breasts fluctuates regularly based on their menstrual cycle, weight loss and weight gain as well as pregnancy. During pregnancy, the breasts of women are larger than usual, especially for women with natural breast endowment. Nursing bras are advised to be worn by mothers to facilitate breastfeeding of their babies. Plus size nursing bras come in handy for plus size women during this time. These bras may be quite difficult to find because it should be perfectly fitting, supportive and comfortable for breastfeeding at the same time.

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Fitting Tips and Popular Brands

Research had shown that 75%-85% of all women put on the wrong size of bras. The following are some tips on how to fit plus size bras.

  • Measure around your frame using a tape measure.
  • Add 5 to the measurement of your frame. This gives you your bra size.
  • Measure your breasts especially along the fullest areas.
  • Using the above measurement, subtract your bra size to get your cup size.

Some of the best and quality brands of plus size bras include the following:

  • Bravissimo – This brand offers plus size bras in vibrant colors and fresh prints.
  • Cleo – Their bras have trendy and playful colors. They are mostly worn by teenagers.
  • Curvy Kate – This is a new brand has jewel toned bras.

Now you know how to get your correct bra size, make sure to select the color and design you want. Being a plus size woman is not a hindrance to look beautiful and attractive. It is on how you choose and wear your clothes and undergarments that determine your final look.