Whenever a holiday is around the corner, the big question is “What do I get my special someone?” You could get your significant other all types of gifts but one of the most cherished gifts are the ones that include flowers or plants. Plant delivery has evolved a lot over the past decade. It is now an option to send same day plant delivery to almost anywhere from anywhere and get it delivered within hours of ordering. Your mate will love getting a dozen roses from you. Mothers and mothers-in-law will love a gift of flowers or a potted plant that they can keep for weeks, sometimes years. Turn your next special occasion into a memorable experience by using gift plant delivery.

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Sending plants online makes gifting an easy experience. There are tons of companies that deliver a variety of flowers, plants, and even candy to accompany them. You can easily place an order online the day of delivery or weeks before. You don’t have to worry about forgetting a special occasion if you reserve your gift online. Plant delivery is great for all types of occasions. You can use it for weddings, birthdays, holiday gifts, valentines day, births, parties, anniversaries, mother’s day, father’s day, baby showers, “just because” occasions, engagement, bachelorette, condolences, funerals, congratulations, bridal shower, celebrations, thank you’s, and so much more!

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Plant delivery is not only for bouquets but you can also have potted plants delivered. Most places offer a wide variety of plants that you can send to your loved ones. The plants that are available depend on from where you are ordering them, but some of the more popular plants to send are: orchids, lilies, carnations, birds of paradise, violets, and mums. Some places sell baskets that include a potted plant along with clippings off of other flowers. The choices are endless for choosing your plant delivery options.

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Each plant that you can have delivered has a symbolic meaning behind it. Mums are said to symbolize joint feelings of affection. Orchids symbolize beauty and wisdom, which is why they make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day. Violets stand for faithfulness so they would make a lovely wedding gift. Birds of paradise symbolize beauty and freethinking. They are actually named because of their similarities to one of the most beautiful birds in the world, which are the birds of paradise.

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Carnations have different meanings depending on the color of the flowers. White carnations symbolize true and pure love. Green carnations are used for St. Patrick’s Day. Striped carnations stand for one-sided love that the other does not share. Red carnations symbolize deep love and undying affection. Pink carnations carry the most symbolism and stand for a mother’s undying love. No matter which plant you choose to have delivered, you can guarantee that everyone will love your gift.