Instead of purchasing ordinary Christmas socks or stockings that you could hang by the fireplace or wall, it is more fun to create and stitch your very own needlepoint stockings. Not all people are interested or familiar with needlepoint crafts but once you’ve learned the techniques and the unlimited number of items that can be created from it, you’ll eventually conclude that it is one interesting and meaningful pastime.

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Needlepoint is a method or style of embroidery wherein distinct colors of yarns are stitched across a mesh canvas to produce desired shapes or images. People are much more familiar with cross-stitching although the cross-stitch is just one of the techniques used in needlepoint. These kinds of crafts are also simple to complete because much of the things you’ll need are sold in complete sets or kits together with the image patterns that shall serve as a guide. One popular provider of these kits which include the needlepoint Christmas stockings is Needlepoint-For-Fun.

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Needlepoint-For-Fun Kits

The company in not only limited to needlepoint stockings and is also providing most embroidery crafts or kits, which can be accomplished through needlepoint. Its products include:

  • Needlepoint Pillow Kits. The art of needlepoint originated from Europe and it was originally used in embroidering pillow sheets and cases. And bulk of the kits offered by the company is comprised of these sheets and cases. Needle For Fun has a wide range of needlepoint pillow kits and they are further classified into the following categories; the traditional designs, Contemporary, the Primavera, the Egyptian or Cleopatra styles, animal prints, and some other branded designs like Kirk & Hamilton, Purple Tree, Anna Maria Horner, Fine Cell, etc.
  • Needlepoint Christmas Stockings Kits. Aside from pillows, the brand is also known for its fun-to-do Christmas stockings. After the Christmas images have been embroidered on the canvas, they are then finished by cutting the stocking pattern and sewing the sides or pieces together. Currently, there are around 40 patterns and designs but the company is also accepting your desired personalized needlepoint stockings and patterns as well. These stocking still serve that same purpose of keeping treats or little surprise gifts on Christmas day.

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  • Christmas and Halloween decors. Holliday and special occasion kits are not only limited to needlepoint stockings. There are also items and decors, which can be used as a display during Halloween and the Yuletide Season. There are certain Halloween and Christmas images, which can be hanged, while there are also those that can be finished and framed for display anywhere inside the house.
  • Portrait or Painting-size Kits. The company also offers several other lovely images which when finished can be framed and displayed on the wall similar to portraits or paintings.
  • Needlepoint Kits for Beginners. Before trying to accomplish the more intricate needlepoint stockings which you shall use during the Christmas season, there are a handful of beginner kits offered by the company which could provide that necessary practice. These beginner kits are ideal for interested children as well.

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Needlepoint stockings are among the best alternatives of the common stockings that you hang during the Yuletide Season. Aside from its aesthetic value, nothing beats that feeling of fulfillment and pride that you have made a pair on your own.