Whether it’s for professional or personal use, you can never go wrong with a Panasonic digital camcorder. It is one of the most popular and reliable brands which incorporates the latest technologies and improvements in all of its products. Related with technological advancement, digital camcorders are now more powerful, more precise, durable, and much more handy. They can be classified under three general groups or categories according to purpose; consumer camcorders, prosumer camcorders, and the professional camcorders.

newest trend panasonic digital camcorder

Those under the consumer category are the basic digital camcorders which can easily be operated with simple point/shoot and click, where almost all functions are automatically set. They are great for personal and family use, a lot lighter, and much more affordable. A prosumer Panasonic digital camcorder incorporates additional functional feature. Prosumers go beyond the limit of usual camcorders like the provision for manual control of certain settings like aperture, focus, zoom, and lighting. They are commonly used by special events shooters during weddings, business presentations, etc. Finally, professional digital camcorders are the heavy-duty types containing the most elaborate and extensive set of features. They are larger and usually require mounting or assisted by the shooter’s shoulder.

There are numerous types and models of digital camcorders in the market even within the same Panasonic brand. Therefore, a prospective buyer should have basis or certain factors for comparison.

  • Extent of manual control. While shooting, you should have certain degree of control over the camera’s focus, aperture, and lighting mode. Provision to manually set or adjust these aspects would be ideal.
  • Image quality. Better image quality is of course preferred. It can be determined from the normal or base image quality, without zooming or any manual intervention. Another good way to test quality is when images and videos are finally transferred and viewed on larger screens like the television. When you still can’t afford to go for an HD, why not consider Panasonic SDR-S50 digital camcorder which is the best and latest option from the standard definition category.
  • Positioning of buttons and their corresponding sizes. A very good thing about a smaller Panasonic digital camcorder is that; though size has been greatly reduced, functional buttons can still be easily grasped and the sizes jives on the camera’s overall built.
  • Size and handling. Perhaps, this factor would be dependent on your personal preferences. Most consumers would prefer the smaller and handier ones like Panasonic HDC-SD60 digital camcorder.
  • Audio and light quality, functions, and modes.
  • Certainly, you will have to choose a Panasonic digital camcorder which is relatively easy on the budget.

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