Painting is indeed on of the ancient art that mankind appreciates and adores. From the primitive drawings in caves by the earliest men who walk on earth to majestic paintings of legendary painters such as Pablo Picasso and others, paintings indeed make people awe in amazement. One of the most popular techniques is oil painting. Oil painting supplies in the past were indeed limited compared today. However, the earliest forms of oil paint still made wonderful pieces of art with are still marveled until today. Oil painting supplies in the past were basically made by the artists themselves since there were no known manufacturers of such oil paints in those days. Even Leonardo da Vinci himself made his own set of oil painting supplies out of available materials in his time and that goes with Titian, Tintoretto and Giorgione. All these legendary artists along with others have their own recipe in making the oil paint and different brushes they used in their timeless pieces of art. The canvas used was more of a personal preference for most artists since some paint in walls of cathedrals, some in leather canvas and in other things.

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The major component of oil painting supplies is obviously the oil paint. Oil paint was said to have been existing since 650 A.D. in some painting drawn in caves in the Bamiyan Valley in Afghanistan. The paint was found to be based in walnut and poppy seed oils. Common oils used were hempseed, pine nut, castor and linseed aside from the previously mentioned oils. The canvasses and brushes of oil painting supplies in those days were mostly personalized by the artist in whom they select a particular material to use. Brushes in common oil painting supplies were most composed of animal hair or fur such as those from pigs and horses. It was not until 1841 were oil painting supplies got its modern look. The invention of paint tubes in the form of glass syringes revolutionized oil paint containers which replaced the uncanny pig bladders. Modern oil painting supplies today use aluminum paint tubes for the oil paint; numerous brushes to choose from which still includes animal hair and brushes made from synthetic materials; canvasses still base on the artist?s preference but there are more selection today which includes sandpaper; other oil painting material include easels and frames.

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If you plan to start you career as an artist with oil painting, looking for oil painting supplies for beginners online is the best option. Online you can read reviews, tips, guidelines and discount oil painting supplies. It is highly recommended that one begins with a starter kit size of oil painting supplies which includes several tubes of common shades, common brushes and a canvas. High quality oil paint tubes are quite expensive to play with especially when one is still a novice. So try out a few strokes at first and see how well you paint before going big-time.