There are a lot of incidences at home that can cause dirt and stains especially if you have kids around the house. Oil spills are perhaps one of the worse cases since this substance is very hard to clean and eradicate to almost all forms of surfaces. Fortunately there are oil absorbent pads and mats you can use to speed up the cleaning process. This helps to remove any oil based substance in any surface and make it go away like it never happened.

16inchX20inch oil absorbent pads

Using Oil Absorbent Material

It is common knowledge that oil and water doesn’t mix and resist each other. That is why cleaning oil spills or stains that contain oil are hard with water. There are even oils that resist alkaline compounds such as detergents. That is why you need a material to absorb or transfer the oil from one surface to the other. Oil absorbent mats and pads will enable you to do this through the use of hydrophobic material.

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The oil absorbent material acts quickly to avoid any lasting damage to the environment around it. Oily compounds when left on the surface for long periods of time will be harder to remove. One would need to use certain techniques to remove hardened oil compounds in certain surfaces like using hot water or special chemicals to reactivate the oils and make it easier to remove. Hence, it is important to remove oil spills and stain immediately that is why having oil absorbent materials around is wise.

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Different Types of Oil Absorbent Materials

Pads and Mats

The pads and mats are available in various sizes. Most of these are for household use. For minor oil spills, cleaning up oil and grime in the kitchen particularly in the oven, stove and stove exhaust where there’s usually a lot of oil residue. Use oil absorbent pads and mats like a rag and wipe off oil residues in surfaces.

Earth and Compounds

You can also find oil absorbent earth compounds, sweeping compounds and others alike. These are used differently wherein the material is laid over the oil, absorb it and remove the oil-material compound after some period of time. This is commonly used in roads and ideal in garages that deal with motor oil.

There are different needs for oil absorbent materials, including when there are spills on a road, in the water or even just in the garage when dealing with vehicles. Spills in oceans and seas delicate and would require a special kind of absorbent compound. An oil absorbent mat or pad will soak up the offending material while preventing the water from soaking up too.

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Cleaning oily spills, stains and grime is a daunting task without the help of oil absorbent materials. So ensure you do your cleaning right in dealing with oil. Since it is vital to clean up oily mess immediately, it is therefore important to have some of these products at home and in every place that deals with oily compounds to avoid getting an oily mess permanent.