Office Space is a Hollywood movie released in February 1999. This famous cult movie did not do great in the box office when it was first released. But, it is still very famous for its ideas even after a decade of its release. The movies DVD sales earned great profit for the producers. The Office Space cast includes: Ron Livingston, the hero of the movie, Jennifer Aniston, heroine and many important supporting characters enacted by Gary Cole, Joe Bays, David Herman, Ajay Naidu, Stephen Root and Alexandra Wentworth.

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How Were the Office Space Cast Chosen?

  • The Office Space cast was chosen with utmost care to depict the real world characters working in huge corporate offices.
  • The director of the movie Mike Judge said he chose a boring office background for his script instead of Wall Street because he wanted to capture the monotonous and stressful lifestyle of the Silicon Valley.
  • The director himself had worked in a job similar to Peter Gibbons, the protagonist of the movie.
  • Mike Juddge himself appears in the movie as Stan, the manager of Chotchkie’s, a restaurant where the heroine Jennifer Anniston waits tables.

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  • The Office Space characters are no super humans with extra powers to set things right. They are common people, who fail miserably in several things they try to do.
  • They are afraid of raising their concerns to the management because of being laid off.
  • Peter Gibbons, the protagonist of the movie is shown to live happily only after he is hypnotized and starts living in half trance.
  • Ron Livingston won lots of accolades for acting in this role.
  • Other impressive characters in the movie are Stephen Root who acts as Milton Waddams and Gary Cole as Bill Lumbergh the Vice President of the company. The other important supporting cast and their characters in the movie are

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Other Supporting Roles:

  • David Herman: He is playing the character of Michael Bolton, the protagonists co-worker who hates his name
  • Ajay Naidu: He plays as Samir Nagheenanajar, an Asian immigrant
  • Alexandra Wentworth: She plays as Anne, Peter’s girlfriend who forces him to take a hypnotizing session
  • Joe Bays: He plays as the protagonist’s boss.

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Watch Office Space if you are a corporate employee fed up with your work. You will find lots of similarities between any named company and the corporate office depicted in the film. The Office Space cast is very much responsible for the movie’s success. The movie got very good ratings from the critics. To this day, it is acclaimed as one of the best movies portraying the emptiness in modern day offices. The movie also holds memorable Office Space quotes that are worth remembering! Never miss a chance to watch it and the classic performances of the Office Space cast.