Ruby Necklace Jewelry – Elegant and Prestigious Rare Stone Necklaces

A ruby necklace is one of the most elegant and stylish pieces of jewelry that one can own. It is a rare and beautiful stone and genuine ruby necklace items are a real sign of prestige and class. A ruby necklace can come in many forms such as a ruby heart necklace, ruby and diamond necklace and a ruby beads necklace. Each different form is beautiful in its own way and will bring a certain charm to the owner. The type of ruby necklace that one will decide upon depends on their personal style and also their dress sense.

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Rarity and Elegance Of Ruby Necklaces

The ruby stone itself is a rare mineral formation. Their beautiful red color comes from the presence of chromium in their formation, they are part of the sapphire mineral family. Ruby stones are considered one of the four precious stones in the world the other three are sapphires, diamonds and emeralds. This is why a ruby necklace can integrate with other gemstones and rare minerals flawlessly. They have a prominent color which is good for mixing and blending in with other designs and materials. A ruby necklace looks great when the chain is made of silver or gold, these background colours help to highlight the beauty of the ruby. Also integrating the ruby stone in intricate ways, such as overlapping a diamond to create a multi layered effect gives a ruby necklace more style. This obviously adds to the cost of the ruby necklace but it also carries more prestige and style to it.

Vintage Ruby Heart Necklace

The ruby necklace is usually worn in conjunction with a dress or a gown. It is a formal piece of jewelry and is not usually worn in a casual setting. This is what also makes them more prestigious and exclusive though. If something is worn consistently, even if it is beautiful, it loses its charm. So keeping the usage of these fantastic ruby necklace items to formal occasions increases their speciality even more.

Real Ruby And Diamond Necklace

Best Qualities Of Ruby Necklaces

  • Can be worn with formal dress making them an exclusive piece of jewelry
  • Made from one of the four precious stones
  • Beautiful in color and constitution
  • Can be word along side other jewelry such as diamond earrings, tiaras, bracelets and other jewelry

Discover  Stunning Ruby Necklace

When buying a ruby necklace it is advisable to browse around and compare sellers. This is true for both online and offline. There are comparison tools for comparing physical items online such as Google shopping and other similar services. These will allow you to compare many retailers side by side and get a direct comparison. The results can be filtered by whatever criteria you specify. This allows the customer to compare ruby necklaces by what they want, and not by what the site filters it by automatically. When shopping physically for a ruby necklace the customer has the advantage of being able to see and touch the product. However still ask around multiple retailers and see if there is any room for negotiation. Physical retailers sometimes have a bit of leeway to make the sale and so asking for discount is not always frowned upon.

Tips and Guidelines In Wearing Necklaces

When it comes to making a fashion statement, both men and women can be seen wearing necklaces. However, many of them are not sure how they should be doing it, so they need tips on wearing necklaces. In order to help them know when to wear certain kinds of necklaces from plain gold chains to a fancy feather necklace, here are some tips on wearing necklaces they can follow.

Best Tips On Wearing Necklaces

Wear A Necklace Based On Body Size

A big fashion faux paux is when someone is seen wearing necklaces that are not right for their body frame. For instance, if someone has a small stature, they shouldn’t wear a big and bulky looking necklace or a really long chained necklace because it will make their body look even smaller and bulkier.

Plus, if someone is a big person, they shouldn’t be seen wearing necklaces that are tiny or fragile, but should instead wear some big necklace of pearls, or beads or perhaps that fancy intricate and elaborate feather necklace.

A person with a round face and a heavy neck should be wearing necklaces that are 24 inches long or more because that will draw the attention downward and make you look thinner. Or you can layer more than one necklace.

A person with a thin neck should in turn be wearing necklaces that are shorter so it looks a bit larger and more stylish. The choice of a short necklace will also frame the face.

Guide on Wearing Feather Necklace

Wear Necklaces With Right Clothing

If a man or women is seen wearing necklaces with an open or no color shirt, they should probably choose a chocker style necklace. Another idea for the guys is to wear a black rubber necklace with silver or steel clasp for that elegant, but simple look with your more formal shirts. He could also choose to wear a simple chain style necklace with it made of gold, silver or steel, depending on the color of the outfit.

If either a man or woman is wearing a top and bottom that’s the same color, they should wear a long necklace of a contrasting color. However, if the top is a different color than the pants, they can be seen wearing necklaces that are the same color as the top to draw the eye upwards. A short stranded necklace is also great when wearing necklaces with a V necked shirt.

These are some basic rules to follow when wearing necklaces that can be used by both men and women to avoid fashion no-nos the next time you go out on the town.

All About Fashion Necklaces

Jewelry will always remain the in-thing even if trends and fashions keep changing. Every woman loves enhancing her look by wearing the perfect jewelry that matches her perfect dress. Among jewelry, the most popular choice are of course fashion necklaces and this is mainly because they are eye catching and are probably the first thing one would notice. A simple, plain necklace is enough to make you look ten times better. Here are some tips about fashion necklaces and what to consider while buying them.

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Shopping Tips For Fashion Necklaces

  • Remember that there is a lot of choices when it comes to fashion necklacesright from something as light as the feather necklace to something that is studded with diamonds. It all depends on what you prefer and how much money you can spend.
  • When buying fashion necklaces, it is important to consider the precious metal. You could choose from gold, titanium, silver, and others. There is again white gold and yellow gold and sterling silver. Gold fashion necklaces are the most popular because they are more eye-catching and of course, gold has always defined sophistication. However, you don’t need to limit your search to gold because there are many other options especially if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy expensive necklaces.
  • If you are low on budget, you could choose cheap fashion necklaces that are widely popular and easily available. Jewelry is very versatile and the range of prices is wide. Hence, you can easily find fashion necklacesthat will fit your style and budget at the same time.
  • When you buy fashion necklaces,make sure you consider not just your style but also your mood. Jewelry speaks a lot of your mood and thus you should buy and wear with this consideration. Jewelry has the amazing ability to make you feel confident, special and pretty at the same time. Many fashion necklaces womenwear are for boosting their self-esteem. This is because you could turn from ordinary to stylish within seconds.
  • While buying, keep the clothes you want to pair them up in mind along with your comfort level. For example if you are buying pearl fashion necklaces, check the length of the strand and see if you are comfortable with it. The length should also depend on the neckline you will be wearing. For instance, turtle neck tops should be paired with long stranded and beaded jewelry while a v-neck will be nicely complimented by a small silver or gold chain with a simple pendant.


Fashionable Feather Necklace for Women

Know that with jewelry it is always important to have more than one and because of the variety available, you can always buy different styles according to the different types of clothes you wear. For cheaper options of fashion necklaces, you can always take aid of the internet. There are many different styles. All you need to do is find the best for you and make your purchase.

The Appeal and Elegance Of Feather Jewelry

Jewelry is a must have for all women. It enhances your beauty and makes you look very special. There are so many different types of jewelry in the market today that you are sure to find your favorite very easily. There is gold, silver and diamonds but on the other hands there is also the amazing, junk and cool jewelry made out of beads, feathers and so many other things.  Feather jewelry is new to the market and is coming out in the open slowly. The fact that feather jewelry is so chic and bold is making it disappear from counters like hot cakes. Here are some features of feather jewelry that are sure to interest you.

Gorgeous Peacock Feather Jewelry

Striking Features Of Feather Jewelry


  • It is extremely versatile and you will find a number of options available. Simple feather necklace, feather ear rings, feather clips, and other jewelries are just a few types of feather jewelry in the market.
  • Out of all the types, there is peacock feather jewelry that is more preferred in order to give you a bold look with the bright, vibrant colors just like peacock feathers.
  • These can be worn with just about anything. They are casual, comfortable and extremely stylish. They go extremely well with the same line of clothes. Wearing them on loose clothes gives you a carefree look. You could branch out to fancy too just because feather jewelryis also very fancy. Light colored clothes are better suited because they will contrast the boldness of this type of jewelry.
  • There are variations even in feather jewelry such as silver feather jewelry and gold feather jewelry and you can buy these to set a fashion statement in the next big party you go to. They will give you the sense of confidence women usually associate with expensive jewelry along with making you feel pretty at the same time. They also send out a very vibrant vibe which is extremely great for a party.


Simple Unique Gold Feather Jewelry

  • Feather jewelryis also not very expensive and can be easily purchased in jewelry stores or online. It may not be very famous as of yet but it is easily available. You can choose from simple feathers to feather jewelrystudded with gems to make them look precious.


There are indeed a lot of variations that one will find in feather jewelry. It all boils down to personal preference, choice and taste. You can always pair up necklaces with matching ear-rings to complete your look. You can always get creative with this kind of funky jewelry and show the world just how stylish you are in a very exotic way.

All About Feather Necklaces

Are you into stylish jewelry? What are your thoughts on a feather necklace?  A lot of people like the look of feathers because of how most feathers have a vast amount of colors in them. In the ancient times, feathers symbolize class and it was actually the men that wore them around their necks. Today, feathers still depict the same picture of class and even elegance but are more into the ladies. If you like to wear different colors and not have the same style all the time, then a feather necklace will be perfect for you. Not only that but feather jewelry necklaces come in many styles so you can compliment any outfit with a feather necklace.

All About Feather Pendant Necklace

Are you more into silver Jewelry? If that is the case, then that is perfectly fine because you can easily find a silver feather necklace. What most women don’t realize is that feathers compliment almost any style and they give it a new age look. Another great thing about the new age style is that you can get a feather pendant necklace with minimal feathers. The benefit of this necklace would be to show off the pendant while the feathers blend in the pendant to the rest of the outfit. The problem with a lot of necklaces is that most women don’t understand how to pair them with the right clothes and that is where feather necklaces have an advantage.

Cute Silver Feather Pendant Necklace

Tips On Pairing Feather Necklaces With Clothes


  • Use Light Clothes – The first thing that you need to understand is that lighter clothes work better with a feather necklace. The reason light clothes looks best with feather fashionable necklaces is because you can see the necklace much easier. Being that most feathers are somewhat darker they will blend in if you wear a dark shirt. Just do yourself a favor and if your goal is to show off your necklace, then wear a lighter colored shirt.


Amazing Gold Feather Pendant Necklace

  • Loose Fitted Clothes Are Best – Do you normally wear tight clothes? If you do, then you will need to change this because loose fitted clothes look the best. What most people don’t realize is that tight clothes and a loose necklace usually looks sloppy and that is why you want to avoid these two things. Although loose fitted clothing looks best, you can pair a choker style feather necklace with a tight shirt and that will look perfectly fine.


  • Fancy Or Casual – Whether you are going to dress fancy or casual doesn’t matter, what matters is the actual necklace matches well. If you are going fancy, then you would want to have a genuine-looking feather necklace or silver feather necklace while going casual for the day would only require a metal feather necklace. This is something that you will have to decide on but just know that feather necklaces go well with anything.


Unique Fashionable Metal Feather Necklace

A feather necklace has so many things that you can pair with it and it will be up to you to figure out which ones suit you the best. One thing you might want to do before you buy a feather necklace is to simply go to a local store and try the different feather necklaces on so that you know what they look like. Once you have found a few styles that you like the next step for you would be to look around online to find the feather necklace that you liked the best. This may seem like a little too much work for a feather necklace but you can never be too careful when it comes to buying jewelry.

Christmas Traditions That Completes Christmas

Christmas is the time of joy, gifts and celebration. It has been celebrated for centuries now and there are many Christmas traditions that are being followed till today. While some of these traditions vary with cultures and countries, there are some Christmas traditions around the world that are the same. Here are some such popular Christmas traditions that are followed every year across the globe during Christmas.

merry christmas wishing you many blessings

Popular Christmas Traditions All Over The World

  • Sending Christmas Blessings and Wishes: Christmas greeting card messages are probably the most popular Christmas traditions. Many people prefer wishing their dear ones through personalized greeting cards. Exchanging cards during Christmas has been practiced for centuries now and it still remains a popular tradition.
  • Singing Christmas Carols: This tradition is known to have begun in England. Back then musicians who traveled throughout the year visited rich families during Christmas and sang for them hoping for food in return. This is how the tradition started and is has become a compulsion today. Men, women and kids come together on Christmas to sing and recite carols every year.
  • Santa Claus: Visiting of Santa Claus is one of the most popular as well as the most adored Christmas traditions of all. Children in every country believe that Santa Claus will visit with gifts for them on Christmas Eve but only if they have been good. Santa Claus is like an incentive for them to stay good and do well all year long.
  • Hanging Mistletoes: This tradition dates back to the Victorian era. It revolves around the belief that mistletoe enhances fertility because of its mystical powers. It is thus hung from doorways and ceilings. According to the tradition, when someone ends up standing under the mistletoe, another person in the house should kiss them.
  • Hanging Christmas Socks: This tradition is a favorite among kids. They hang socks from their beds and expect small gifts such as trinkets and other jewelry pieces. This tradition has a history of a particular monk that saved the lives of three girls who had no money. The girls need to pay dowries and were going to be sold. The monk rescued them by perching on a roof top and throwing money from there. The gold landed in the chimneys, stockings and window sills.

hanging christmas stockings applique design

There are many such Christmas traditions that are followed today and no Christmas is complete without these amazing, enjoyable and historical traditions. Indeed, it is thanks to these traditions that people stay connected to each other, exchange gifts and cards and have a great time together.