Paul Smith Wallet – Advantaged, Types, Designs

Paul Smith wallet is one of the popular designer wallets loved by a number of consumers. Although designer items are not much different from their regular or common brand counterparts, they are most of the time opted simply because of their style or design or the manner how they are crafted.

world class quality paul smith wallet

Getting To Know Paul Smith

Paul Smith is one of the well-known fashion designers of Britain. His original passion is on sports particularly on cycling. But after encountering an accident, his attention was shifted towards arts and crafts. He later on attended tailoring classes which enabled him to create his desired clothing items and later on opened a shop at Nottingham in 1970. With the help of his wife Pauline, who is a fashion graduate, Paul was able to conceptualize and complete his initial line of menswear collection by 1976.

Aided by his ability to predict and create styles which eventually became trends, Paul Smith has earned his reputation now for more than 30 years. Aside from the various clothing pieces, the huge Paul Smith collection today now includes products ranging from accessories, footwear, jewelries and watches, perfumes, Paul Smith mens wallet, as well as pens and furniture pieces.

paul smith signature mens wallet

Available Styles And Designs Of Paul Smith Wallet

Paul Smith has its own line of unique and quality wallets for men. Its wallet line includes the following:

  • The Billfold Wallets

Billfold wallets are the most common type of wallet used by men. The wallet is used to store or keep paper bills. The wallet also features additional compartments or card slots that can be used for credit cards, ATM, IDs, among others. The wallet is made of genuine and durable calf leather and lambskin. Billfold Paul Smith wallets are also known for their unique prints like the playing cards, a picture of a naked lady, minute flags, or perhaps a multi-stripe skin.

  • Paul Smith Credit Card Wallets Or Case

Credit card wallets or cases usually have larger dimensions for them to accommodate almost all sizes of personal cards and IDs. But just like the other types of wallet, they can also be used to store and carry currency bills or a few coins. Paul Smith’s design of this wallet is the pure black skin with that signature multi-stripe interior lining.

  • Men’s Zip

If women enjoy the use of ladies’ zip, Paul Smith also provides this opportunity for men by creating uniquely designed men’s zip. A zipper is usually added to a wallet to provide extra security and seal for the wallet. The Paul Smith wallet zip that the brand creates is stylish and elegant in either the Red Saffiano, black or the vintage stripe colors.

paul smith multi stripe leather wallet

Advantages Of Choosing A Paul Smith Wallet

All Paul Smith wallets are preferred by most men because of the following reasons.

  • Paul Smith provides a wide range of design when it comes to men’s wallet. Conventional wallets used by men are limited to plain black, brown, or tan colors but Paul Smith revolutionizes the trend by introducing simple yet unique and stylish designs.
  • All Paul Smith wallets are intricately crafted to be durable. Wallets offered by Paul Smith are extremely durable and with fewer chances for the style or design to fade even after years of use.
  • They are functional. More than just the provision of unique and quality design, all wallets are functional.

elegant black paul smith wallet

The wallets designed and offered by Paul Smith are good alternatives for the common brands and styles offered in the market. To take advantage of a good deal, it is advised that you search for Paul Smith wallet sale or promos.

Paul Smith Wallet: Conclusion

We hope that this article has given you some insight into what is so great about Paul Smith wallets. Have you ever owned a Paul Smith wallet? Are you looking to buy one for yourself or a friend? Let us know your thoughts on them in the comments section below this article.

Simple Steps in Making Gem Necklace

Today, having a gem necklace is one of the fashionable things that you must have in order to bring a new look for any clothing styles, from just a plain white t-shirt to the silkiest dress. But this necklace is quite costly and will be more when you purchase more than one. You can find many alternatives if you do not wish to buy this expensive necklace. There are many ways to obtain it and one best way is to make your own. All you need is to buy the materials needed and follow some instructions in making it. Just make sure it fits to the outfit and especially to all events you are planning to attend.

Simply Unique Teardrop Ruby Necklace

How to Make your Own Gem Necklace

  • Choose your own necklace style and design. You can have the necklace with the materials such as pearls, gems and from turquoise stones and one best example is a ruby necklace made of ruby stone. There are many designs, which you can pick for what you want to have. You can also add some beads between the stones or gems to make the look nicer.
  • Measure the length of the gem necklace cord. You can decide the length of the cord or where the necklace will fall on your neck and cut it. If you cannot decide and still want to see the effect after the beads are already on it, you can cut the cord with longer length. You can have your desired measurement later.
  • You can string the clasp of the necklace on your string and then create the loop on the end part so the necklace clasp will hang freely on the loop you have made.


Discover The Easty Steps on Making Gem Necklace

  • If you want the string to be snug on the clasp, you can string the crimp bead. This is the string from the other side of necklace and the other loop. Just secure the crimp using pliers.
  • Now, string the gems of the necklace on the cord and just insert the beads that will space each gem according to what you like. Make this until you are happy with the length.
  • Lastly, slide the crimp on the string and the connecting clasp. Just make another loop and stringing the crimp again. Use pliers to put it on its place.


These are the instructions on how to make gem necklace, which you can follow easily. Enjoy while making your own personalized necklace.

Tips on Selecting Necklace for Formal Occasions

How to choose a necklace for formal occasions? We all know that jewelries now play a big role in our life when we are attending a formal event. You can find various necklace you can buy readily and available in the jewelry shops. How to pick the necklace right for the formal occasion needs a little knowledge. The necklace will have vital role in your appearance as you enter the place of the event.

Trendy Necklace For Formal Occasions

Career women have all the privilege to attend formal occasions unlike housewives. They are maybe attending some business negotiations or just accepting an invitation. The elegance of each necklace leaves a good impression and speaks about the personality of a woman.

Tips on How to Pick a Necklace for Formal Occasions

  • Separate your necklaces according to its length. You put in one pile the chokers, then the other side for the medium in length and lastly for those who have length up to the bottom rib. Divide the piles to group each length and count how many are in each of them.
  • Separate also your outfits that fit on each length of necklace. There are many women who find hard when it comes to pairing the necklines on a necklace that flatters their appearance. Just make a list of how many garments on each pile can match.
  • Examine how each of the different types of necklaces complements the neckline of your dress. You can experiment all by facing the mirror while trying on same garment. In most instances, the necklace for formal occasions will look not good in turtleneck or on tight shirt. But most formal dresses will complement best in chokers. Just identify the patterns of your dress so it will go well on your necklace.


Antique Ruby Red Stone Necklace

  • The best choices for formal events are the gold, white gold, diamonds, silver, pearls and even ruby necklace. Light sleek styles of necklaces are nice for formal looks too. Just wear proper attire that fits the event and the proper necklace to add some magic touch on your look.

These are some useful tips on how to pick a necklace for formal occasions. As of today, they are present in any local stores or even on online retailer shops. You can find a wide array of selections on online stores to choose from. You can now get easily the necklace ideal for your outfit no matter what time it is.

Variations of Diamond Necklace

A diamond necklace is truly a gift that any girl would love to receive no matter what the occasion is or even without any occasion at all. They are an extremely versatile accessory that can be accompanied with most styles, whether it is a casual outfit or eveningwear. Diamonds are exceedingly popular and are worth huge amounts in the market place making them extremely sought after by individuals all across the world.

Beautiful Diamond Cross Necklace

Designs for a Diamond Necklace

  • A diamond cross necklace is a wonderful combination of beautiful diamonds and religious imagery brought together to create a necklace which can be styled in many different ways. Different types of diamonds are often used in these diamond necklace creations such as black diamonds to create alternative visions of a wonderful piece of work.
  • A diamond pendant necklace makes a beautiful accessory for almost any type of outfit, whether it is for work or leisure. There are all kinds of styles of diamond pendant necklace that you could choose from and most outlets will let you design your own to your unique specifications.
  • A diamond solitaire necklace offers a combination of elegance and stylish chic to compliment your outfit and make it come alive. A solitaire is a single gem, which is set alone and a good diamond solitaire necklace is near colorless and will not have any imperfections that are visible. The single diamond solitaire usually hangs down from a chain.


Cute Diamond Solitaire Necklace Cartier

  • A beautiful diamond and ruby necklace is a combination of small diamond stones surrounding several larger ruby stones, which hang in a pendant. The combination of these two types of stone, gives a stunning visual delight that will beautifully accessorize an evening gown.
  • A multi stone diamond necklace will come in a variety of different styles and designs meaning they allow more creativity in their conception and design. They are more susceptible for being created by someone looking to have a unique design for their multi stone diamond necklace. It is an ideal gift for an anniversary, Christmas or a birthday and can be in bead set, invisible set, claw set, tension set, or pave set designs.


The prices for a diamond necklace will greatly vary with its design specially if there are other precious gems associated with it. So if you want to purchase this kind of necklace, be sure to prepare a big amount of money since diamonds are not that cheap. But you can be sure of that how much you spend for buying this necklace will be well worthy since there is truth in the saying, “Diamonds are forever”.

Pearl Necklace: Exuding with Elegance

From the variety of gemstones that you can purchase, pearls are one of the most sought after and have been used to create the most beautiful jewelry such as varieties of different rings, earrings and types of pearl necklace. They represent a standard of elegance and style that has endured for centuries and have been wanted by Kings, Queens and aristocrats as treasured jewels that have great worth.

Gorgeous Freshwater Pearl Necklace

The understated elegance of this type of necklace means that they make for extremely stylish jewelry that can grace the features of any woman who seeks to have an elegant accessory to their day or evening wear. They are also subtler than other stoned necklaces like a ruby necklace or a diamond necklace. There are a variety of different types of pearl necklace that are available to choose from that each have their own particular quality and uniqueness.

Types of Pearl Necklace

  • A black pearl necklace is the most alluring and bold of all types of pearl necklace, creating a mysterious yet understatedly elegant look to them. They carry with them a depth of history and culture for centuries. In fact, ancient mystics are believed to have called upon black pearl necklaces to encourage the energies of the deep to emerge, as the black pearls were said to have mystical powers. In the 21st century, a black pearl necklace is a very modern and chic accessory and a wonderful gift for any woman who loves her jewelry. Their versatility means that they complement a host of styles from a summer dress to eveningwear.


Lovely Cultured Black Pearl Necklace

  • A freshwater pearl necklace is a wonderfully unique gift that adds class and elegance to any outfit and any occasion. Freshwater pearls come from freshwater mussels and originate from China and Japan, where they are sourced whilst still in the shell before being bleached, drilled and polished.
  • A Keshi pearl necklace is a beautiful piece originating from Japan where Keshi pearls are cultivated. Keshi pearls are tiny non-nucleated pearls that are by-products of the cultivation of pearls. They are often referred to as second harvest pearls. However, they are still very valuable in their own right and have a different look to a standard pearl necklace meaning that they are still very much sought after, as they create wonderful Avant Garde jewelry.
  • A South Sea pearl necklace is another type of pearl necklaces. South Sea Pearls come from the oceans around Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar and are commonly colored white, golden or rose. They also have a uniquely satin luster, which is from the Nacre of the warm oceans of the South Seas.

Any pearl made into a necklace will surely bring out that classy elegance of the wearer that these pearls exude. But be sure to choose only original pearls because there are some pearl necklaces that are made of plastics. Consult any trained jeweler so that you will be guided in choosing pearl necklaces that would suit you.

Ruby Necklace Jewelry – Elegant and Prestigious Rare Stone Necklaces

A ruby necklace is one of the most elegant and stylish pieces of jewelry that one can own. It is a rare and beautiful stone and genuine ruby necklace items are a real sign of prestige and class. A ruby necklace can come in many forms such as a ruby heart necklace, ruby and diamond necklace and a ruby beads necklace. Each different form is beautiful in its own way and will bring a certain charm to the owner. The type of ruby necklace that one will decide upon depends on their personal style and also their dress sense.

Lovey Ruby Beads Necklace

Rarity and Elegance Of Ruby Necklaces

The ruby stone itself is a rare mineral formation. Their beautiful red color comes from the presence of chromium in their formation, they are part of the sapphire mineral family. Ruby stones are considered one of the four precious stones in the world the other three are sapphires, diamonds and emeralds. This is why a ruby necklace can integrate with other gemstones and rare minerals flawlessly. They have a prominent color which is good for mixing and blending in with other designs and materials. A ruby necklace looks great when the chain is made of silver or gold, these background colours help to highlight the beauty of the ruby. Also integrating the ruby stone in intricate ways, such as overlapping a diamond to create a multi layered effect gives a ruby necklace more style. This obviously adds to the cost of the ruby necklace but it also carries more prestige and style to it.

Vintage Ruby Heart Necklace

The ruby necklace is usually worn in conjunction with a dress or a gown. It is a formal piece of jewelry and is not usually worn in a casual setting. This is what also makes them more prestigious and exclusive though. If something is worn consistently, even if it is beautiful, it loses its charm. So keeping the usage of these fantastic ruby necklace items to formal occasions increases their speciality even more.

Real Ruby And Diamond Necklace

Best Qualities Of Ruby Necklaces

  • Can be worn with formal dress making them an exclusive piece of jewelry
  • Made from one of the four precious stones
  • Beautiful in color and constitution
  • Can be word along side other jewelry such as diamond earrings, tiaras, bracelets and other jewelry

Discover  Stunning Ruby Necklace

When buying a ruby necklace it is advisable to browse around and compare sellers. This is true for both online and offline. There are comparison tools for comparing physical items online such as Google shopping and other similar services. These will allow you to compare many retailers side by side and get a direct comparison. The results can be filtered by whatever criteria you specify. This allows the customer to compare ruby necklaces by what they want, and not by what the site filters it by automatically. When shopping physically for a ruby necklace the customer has the advantage of being able to see and touch the product. However still ask around multiple retailers and see if there is any room for negotiation. Physical retailers sometimes have a bit of leeway to make the sale and so asking for discount is not always frowned upon.