If you are looking for well priced and reliable DJ MIDI controllers then you may want to consider the Numark Mixtrack. Numark is one of the leading manufacturers of basic and advanced DJ mixing technology and the MixTrack line is their newest range to date. Not only is the Numark MixTrack easy to learn for beginners, but it is also ideal for the more advance DJ who wants to take the unit along to gigs and still put on a great performance that the crowd will love.

professional numark mixtrack dj equipment

Read any Numark MixTrack review and you will notice that people love the fact that it is basically two decks and a mixer all in one. Music enthusiasts also enjoy being able to use the MixTrack with many different sorts of hardware devices, whether it be in conjunction with a CD player, turntables or some sort of other music hardware.

numark mixtrack channel dj controller

This particular DJ MIDI controller also has colored LED lights to help you better identify the Effect, Loop and Transport buttons which will no doubt help you put together a better show in the nightclub, or even just help the learning process along a bit more while you are still getting the hang of it. In addition to handy LED lights, the Numark MixTrack also features more advanced controls for looping and other effects, and the main mixer section of the controller features a smooth crossfader, custom EQ function and also line faders.

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You might be thinking at this point that all of this technology and included features is going to make the unit quite heavy to lug around everywhere. Fortunately, the Numark MixTrack is anything but heavy. In actual fact, the mostly plastic construction of the Numark Mixtrack which weighs at 1.45 pounds will ensure any hard partying experience it would undergo. Some folks who are aspiring to be a professional DJ may be looking at the Numark MixTrack Pro price and be wondering if they can really afford it or not. At around $300 for one of these units, it certainly isn’t a purchase that you’d make on a whim.

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The best advice would be to shop around, both offline and online, to see if you can get the price down a bit. Otherwise, your best option is to probably start off with the standard Numark MixTrack setup which is going to set you back around $100 instead. If you really want to buy Numark MixTrack equipment, make absolutely sure that it is going to be money well spent. You can definitely get a feel for what you are buying by visiting the official Numark website and having a look at the specifications of each model available. Once you have decided on a setup, visiting sites like YouTube and watch some of the many videos that show the Numark MixTrack in action would be a good idea.