A good night’s sleep is the easy solution to take care of sure sores and pains on a daily basis. However, the degraded quality of the mattresses and the pillows has rendered a comfortable sleep impossible. This problem can be solved by using medically beneficial bed products such as Novaform gel memory foam, among other Novaform products and services.

Availing the Novaform products and services

What is memory foam?

In order to have a comfortable sleep, the main component is a comfortable mattress that can impart medical benefits as well. Average mattresses fail to impart such properties even though such medical benefits are promised by every other mattress out there in the market.

In 1980, a new form of mattress was introduced that took the world by a storm. This was called the memory foam. Memory foam was released by NASA, which was a heat sensitive foam that when exposed to heat, started to mold around the pressure point and thus acquires the shape of the pressure point. This was commercialized in the form of mattresses that would mold around the shape of the body. This was the pressure that would be distributed all over the body, thus, providing support to the body. The pioneer organization in this regard was Novaform. Even in this era, the Novaform products and services are undeniably accurate and provide comfort to all the users.

What are the benefits and uses of memory foam?

The Novaform products and services include Novaform memory foam pillows, Novaform memory foam mattress and gel memory foam. They also provide you with top sheets that are made up of memory foam. These toppers may be used in any desired position such as on a chair, a sofa, a wheel chair, and even in the sleeping bag when camping out.

The memory foam not only provides support and comfort to the user but also provides a host of medical benefits due to which, it is a popular choice of mattress used in the hospital bedding. The Novaform products and services introduce a wide range of mattresses and bedding products that are providing benefits to all the users. Memory foam is used in:

  • Wheel chairs to help the patient sit comfortably
  • Used in the hospital beds to avoid pressure sores
  • Used in the receptacle on the CAT scan
  • Used as a lining in various domestic products

What does the new and improved gel memory foam do?

foamy and comfy Novaform gel memory foam

Novaform’s gel memory foam is a new and improved form of the memory foam and is the recently added item on the Novaform products and services list. It has introduced the element of foaming gel in the memory foam in order to make them less rigid. This helped not only to make the gel memory foam softer than the normal memory foam, but it also increased the response time of the mattress. Without the gel the mattress, it becomes hard and responds slowly to the pressure points in the body. However, when the gel is added, the mattress becomes soft and reacts quickly to the pressure points of the body thus providing comfort quickly.