Sometimes, necklaces are unfashionably wrong if not worn properly. Wear the best necklace type for the best outfit and occasion! Flaunt your way with tips on how to choose your necklace.

Popular Necklace Types & Tips On How To Wear Them

1. Collar

A collar necklace measures 12 to 14 inches. It has a multi-strand necklace chain. It is worn high up on the neck and tightly. If you love wearing V necks or off shoulder tops, a collar necklace will accentuate your tops. If you have that slender, thin neck, amplify it with this necklace type. Though this can be used for casual occasions, save it up for formal dinners and elegant parties, you just might entice your future partner while wearing this necklace.

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2. Choker

A choker necklace measures 14 to 16 inches. Mostly, this is has single strand necklace chain. However, multi-strand necklace chains are on the market now. It’s like the collar necklace that is worn tightly around the neck. However, it is worn just above the collar bone and it is stiff. Wearing this necklace type will direct the focus of people on your neck or neckline.

3. Princess

A princess necklace measures 17 to 19 inches. It is the most popular necklace based on length (shorter than a matinee, longer than a choker). This necklace type will go well with dresses or tops with collars. Just make sure that the collars are either higher or lower than the necklace. If accompanied by a pendant, you might turn out to be the princess of the ball!

4. Matinee

A matinee necklace measures 20 to 24 inches. It is typically a single strand necklace chain. It is considered to be the most versatile necklace type since it can be used both for casual and formal business events. This is most suited for extremely high necklines or extremely low ones since it is supposed to be breastbone long. Since its length sits at the top of the cleavage, it will emphasize a woman’s beauty and elegance. Bear in mind not to use tops or dresses with decorated neckline. It will defeat the purpose of wearing a matinee necklace.

5. Opera

An opera necklace is 28 to 34 inches long. To look dramatic and elegant, you can do a double loop around the neck. One more thing, you can even wear this as a multi-strand bracelet. If you think you have an attractive bosom, this is going to be a good choice since attention is drawn to your chest. Pair it up with a formal blouse or elegant gown, your beauty will sparkle all night long.

6. Rope/Sautoir

A rope or sautoir necklace is 35 to 45 inches long. This can be worn in various ways. The most common are doing multiple loops around the neck and knotted in front. This can also be worn as a multi-strand necklace. Doing double or triple loops will give an impression that you are wearing two to three separate necklaces. This can focus the attention to your curves all the way to your torso, hence, if there are weddings to attend to or if it is your anniversary, grab this necklace type and flaunt your style.

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7. Lariat

A lariat necklace is 45 inches or longer. This is fascinating since this can be worn as multiple loops around the neck or with multiple knots in front or a combination of both! This is the best match for long and fitting evening gowns.

Additional Tips

Here are some added tips on choosing necklace types

  • The necklace type chosen must be appropriate with the occasion.

  • Choose a necklace type with an average length if you intend to use it for all occasions.

  • To compliment the length, choose a shorter necklace for a high neckline.

  • For the necklace to be noticeable, were a longer necklace over a shirt.

The mentioned necklace types can have various necklace chain types depending on your interest, taste and the manufacturer. When buying one, don’t forget to check the quality and authenticity of the necklace. Some might just sparkle in one to two months and will then fade away. Now, that would hurt a woman’s feeling and as well as her pocket. Look for a necklace that will last for years. And remember, the sparkle of a necklace creates a dazzling effect inside and out.