Necklaces are the most popular choice for gift-giving. Who would want to spoil such gift? This wide necklace selection guide prepared for you will surely help you choose the right necklace type and design. Read and know what you really want to give!

Necklace Selection By Design

Women just love the designs and sparkles on their necklaces! See this necklace selection guide and wow her or your loved ones!

1. Diamond Solitaire Necklace

This is a style that never goes out. The diamond solitaire necklace is simply classic. Every woman has been passed down with diamond stud earrings. Why don’t you pair it up with this necklace? It will surely be a great compliment and your woman would think that she is for keep!

2. Journey Diamond Necklaces

The journey diamond necklace shows how your love has evolved and how it grew. Arranged from the smallest to the largest, its multiple diamonds tells the journey of your love. When worn, this will really look amazing. It makes a strong statement, hence; make sure to wear a subtler outfit not to outshine the necklace.

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3. Gemstone Necklace

With its vivid colors and representation of birth months, the gemstone necklace is a star for graduation, birthdays, and anniversaries or for any other occasions.

4. Silver Necklaces

Silver has already outdated gold. It is one of the widely worn metals today. It is elegant in its own way but it is not that expensive. This is a starter gift for young adults and you can give this just because you want to give or maybe because of appreciation to your loved ones.

5. Diamond Heart Necklaces

Do you want to convey your feelings through a particular thing? Well, the diamond heart necklace speaks loudly of the feelings that you have for your partner or for your crush. This will accentuate her formal outfit once worn. This is the romantic gift ever!

Necklace Length

Necklace length should also be considered. This necklace selection guide talks about how the necklace’s length greatly influences how you look!

1. A collar necklace length measures 12 to 14 inches. This compliments V necks or off shoulder tops. This can be used casually but it will be more astonishing for elegant dinners and parties.

2. A choker necklace measures 14 to 16 inches. If your neck is your asset, wear this one. It will draw attention to your neckline.

3. A princess necklace measures 17 to 19 inches. This necklace is best suited for dresses or tops with collars.

4. A matinee necklace measures 20 to 24 inches. This necklace chain is used for casual and business occasions.

5. An opera necklace is 28 to 34 inches long. This will look very elegant with a formal blouse or elegant gown. It accentuates a woman’s bosoms.

6. A rope or sautoir necklace is 35 to 45 inches long. This will focus on your curves, hence; use this at weddings or anniversaries.

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7. A lariat necklace is 45 inches or longer. The best pair of the lariat necklace is a long and fitting evening gown.

Other Necklace Selection Guide

  • If we based it on color, casual clothing can be paired up with rocks or woody necklaces. If it is elegant, match it with pearl, stone, silver or gold necklace chain, earring or bracelets. You will see how harmonious they are!

  • All accessories co-exist with a neutral colored-clothing.

  • Necklaces, earrings or bracelets made of colorful plastics are only for young children and people who wanted to look young. Make sure to match your accessories with your age.

  • Be discreet at times. Do not wear accessories from head to toe or you’ll just end up like a Christmas tree. Only wear two accessories at maximum like a necklace and a ring or a necklace and a bracelet.

  • Tube dress or wide-necked dress goes well with large statement necklaces.

Remember, every woman enjoys a necklace even though she is conservative. Having this necklace selection guide will also test how well you know her. Choose the one that would enhance her elegance, the one that will accentuate her beauty. It is always a woman’s dream to have her man place a necklace over her neck. Give her one now! She’ll be reminded on how much you care and how much you love her every time she looks at it.