Natural sun protection for kids becomes a very important concern for the kids when summer is about to approach. The anxious parents are always keen to avail the best sun protection for the kids. They often look for things that offer latest technology to protect the kids from harmful UV rays. The ultraviolet rays present in the sunlight can cause severe malignancies in the skin. But sunlight is also important for production of vitamin D and other essential nutritive elements for skin. So you just can’t stop exposure to sunlight, you have to act more wisely.

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Proper Diet Chart

Maintenance of a proper diet chart is very important natural sun protection for kids. Major problem associated with prolonged sun exposure leads to sunburn. This is a superficial type of skin inflammation. Though it is clearly an external lesion, many internal factors are equally contributing in sunburns. You must be careful about the inflammatory foods such as grain, sugar, vegetable oil etc. These can aggravate inflammation in the skin layers and cause excessive sunburn.

On the other hand, there are also numerous anti-inflammatory foods that can help you prevent the skin from occurrence or aggravation of sunburns. Hence, natural sun protection for kids primarily involves proper diet options during summer. The anti-inflammatory group of foods includes saturated low cholesterol fats, green, fresh vegetables, food oils that contain omega-3 and other antioxidants. Fruits also contain active principles of anti-inflammatory nutritional elements.


Supplements accompanying proper diet is another natural sun protection for kids. Supplements help in maintaining the immune system. These supplements are dedicated against the vicious effect of sunlight. Normally, you won’t find these elements in the foods taken. However, let’s focus on what you can add into your kids’ diet. Cod liver oil in its fermented form and butter oil rich in vitamin contents are expert-recommended anti-sunburn supplements. These supplements also help re-mineralizing the teeth and bones. If you accompany these supplements with coconut oil every day, you will definitely prevent skin burns significantly.

Homemade Sun Blocks

High-SPF sun blocks for kids are widely available in the market. But these cease the production of vitamin D drastically. So, these are not something experts recommend for your kids. Find out something that will not get your child exposed to any health risks. Homemade sun blocks are safer. Homemade blockers usually contain coconut oil and are free from chemicals of commercial sun blocks.

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Clothing and Shelter

If you have noticed your kids to present poor sun-tolerance, you should take care of their clothing options. Full sleeves will definitely help your kids preventing the UV rays to damage the superficial skin layer. When you are spending time on beach with your baby, you can take a baby beach tent with you. This baby beach tent will definitely serve as a shelter from the damaging rays of the sun, saving you baby from possible sunburns and other skin problems.

You should start with these basic preparations first. If these steps fail, you should consult an expert and take precautions that are more advanced. It is always healthy and cost effective to go with a natural sun protection for kids!