Commonly called the “flu”, this upper respiratory tract infection is also called grippe or influenza. It infects a lot of people and affects the nose, throat, middle ear and lungs bronchial tubes. Its symptoms include nasal congestion, watery eyes, body aches, fatigue, fever, headaches, nausea, vomiting, throat pain, cough, hot and cold sweat and even lack of appetite. So, how to treat the flu?

There are people who opt to buy over the counter drugs immediately to counteract this virus but some people also choose to act the natural way and trigger the body’s self-defense mechanism. Here are some natural remedies that would answer your questions on how to treat the flu the natural way:

effective natural remedies for flu

  • Drink lots of liquids: There is nothing more effective than drinking a lot of water, such as the suggested eight glasses a day. Note that even when it’s alright to drink other beverages such as fruit juices, electrolyte beverages and tea, water should still be taken in. This is much more if you drink alcoholic or caffeinated drinks because it will make you dehydrated instead of hydrated. There are also herbal teas such as those with ginger and other herbs that could also help ease the symptoms of flu.
  • Soup: Indulge yourself with soup. It is true that chicken soup does make wonders, especially if it is cooked by someone special.
  • Aromatic Steam, Warm Bath, or Hot Compress: Create an aromatic steam a warm bath or a hot compress can be the best ways on how to treat the flu. Drop a couple of teaspoons of chopped fresh ginger, oil of eucalyptus or menthol on steaming water and inhale it. This is known to ease up your congestion and helps make breathing a lot easier. This will also be the same effect if you get a warm shower. The steam will help open your airways and loosen up the mucus in your sinuses. Moist hot compress would also help you breathe through your nose.
  • Get the much needed rest: Listen to what your body tells you because it is one way for your body to do the immunity battle and fight against infection. Make sure you get eight hours of sleep each night.
  • Gargle with salt water: This would help get rid of the thick mucus that can easily collect at the back of your throat. You can do this as much as four times daily. If you want, you can add some tannin, raspberry leaves, lemon juice or a teaspoon of honey.

how to treat the flu naturally

  • Blow your nose often: This will make you feel more comfortable as sucking it back in could also be very irritating and not nice to look at.
  • Elevate your head while you sleep: This can help you breath easily and sleep comfortably.

All of these are natural ways on how to treat the flu and luckily, the resources can easily be found in your own home.