Natural gas, producing no soot or fumes, is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. There are millions of advantages to natural gas conversion, or to switching to natural gas.

Compressed natural gas is a fossil fuel substitute for petrol, propane, or diesel. So why has the percentage of people converting to compressed natural gas grown steadily at a 30 percent annual rate? People opt for compressed natural gas conversion because it is cheaper than any of its fuel alternatives, better for the environment and can be viewed as an investment. The natural gas conversion has mostly taken place in transportation vehicles, where the turn-around investment is quicker and more important the investor.

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Natural Gas Car Conversion

If you are considering converting your car or light truck to natural gas, you should know how many ways this helps not only you, but the world around you. Aside from being more environmentally friendly and burning cleaner, natural gas comes from much nicer sources when compared to that of petroleum. Owning and operating a natural gas car is very good for the environment and good for your finances, but in the United States, it can be more challenging than it would be in other countries, because the U.S. hasn’t converted as much to natural gas as other countries have, where some have nearly 8 million natural gas vehicles in operation.

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Natural Gas Conversion Kits

The price of natural gas conversion kits varies greatly depending on what type of kit you need to buy. The following can easily be found online, on sites such as Amazon. Also, the prices listed below are the prices of a new kit. But, you might be able to able to get a better deal by buying a used kit.

  • Char-Broil 454609 Natural Gas Conversion Kit – $43.99
  • Frigidaire/Electrolux : PCK4200 Natural Gas Conversion Kit – $34.89
  • Camp Chef NGKIT Natural Gas Conversion Kit – $47.66

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Benefits of Natural Gas Conversion

  • It helps the environment.

Sulfur Dioxide and CO2 have a huge effect on the climate, causing both acid rain and climate change. After making changing to natural gas, the average home will emit 99% sulfur dioxide and 40% less CO2. In addition, a single home converting to natural gas saves up to 180,000 pounds of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere, the same amount emitted by 6 cars in one year.

  • It helps your country.

Did you know that the majority of natural gas, 97.3% to be a little more exact, comes from North America? The northeast region relies on foreign oil for 90% of its energy needs. Imagine if every community converted to natural energy! It would reduce their consumption of petroleum products by 7 billion gallons a year.

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  • It helps your finances.

Because new gas equipment is more efficient, it uses less energy and is able to save you money. Natural Gas takes away your dependency on oil and fuel deliveries. It offers a constant supply of energy to your home. Converting to natural gas in your home and your vehicle increases their value.