The nails are an important part of any lady’s appearance, and they say a lot about the kind of person one is. Bad nails portray one as careless and dirty while clean, beautiful and well kept nails portray the person as organised and neat. There are various nail designs in which one can cut and decorate their nails, and they are all dependant on an individual’s preference and choice.

Nail art today has become the hottest and newest accessory for nail decoration. Nail art designs range from animal prints to flower prints and many other patterns depending on one’s specific liking in the field of art.

trend metallic garden nail arts

Artificial Nails

Press on nails refer to artificial nails that are applied onto the natural nails using glue and pressed on for a firmer grip. These nails last for a period of up to one week when one is required to change them or stick them back on with more glue. These nails are stuck on using special glue that does not require a long time to dry, and these nails are easy to remove hence not damaging to one’s natural nails.

Common Nail Art Designs and Techniques

There are various kinds of nail designs. There are those worn on a specific season like dull for winter, and glossy ones for the summertime. Some of the cool nail art designs people have on their nails today include the following:

  • metallic garden
  • dotted French
  • simple flowers

Acrylic nails refer to artificial nail extensions that very many women are embracing today due to their beauty and easy to maintain nature. There are various acrylic nail designs today that have the ability to dazzle ones hands with amazingly beautiful effects. The acrylic nails are gaining more and more popularity today, especially for special occasions like weddings and other occasions that require a theme.

Just as, there are many nail designs, there are just as many nail art accessories and supplies, some of which include nail polish, nail polish brush, nail file, Lanolin cream and nail art pin.

best dotted French nail arts

The kind of nail designs one selects varies from time to time depending on the season, celebration, theme as well as an individual’s clothing. Other determining factors include:

  • Occasion – great celebrations demand  bright colours while sad occasions call for dull colours
  • Occupation – there are certain occupations that will require one not to wear any form of nail polish and design as their work will take off the polish and designs.

Very thin pins are used for the process of engraving designs on nails to avoid smudging the nail polish applied. There are easy nail designs that one can apply themselves. Nail designs are important as they enhance the beauty and appearance of one’s hands.