Nail art is a process whereby one’s nails are decorated artistically using different colors, designs and patterns. The art makes the nails look beautiful and neat. Nowadays, it is a common practice to observe different colors, patterns and designs on women’s nails. For making nail designs, use the Orly nail polish because of its quality.

absolutely lovely pink nail art

Brief History

The practice of nail art has been there for a long time. History has it that the Chinese used to apply enamel to give their nails a pink finish. The Indians used henna to dye their nails on special occasions and for decorative purposes. With time, the art of nail design has seen tremendous changes and it is the in thing in the recent times.

Nail Art Tools

In order for your nails to be designed, there are various tools that are used. Below is a list of the nail art tools and their functions.

  • Files – Before applying any nail polish and design, it is essential to file your nails so as to make them uniform and neat.
  • Emery boards – These are used to rough your nail bed before applying any polish or design. It is mainly used when one wants to use artificial nails.
  • Nail art brushes – Brushes are used specifically to create lines, circles and other unique designs on the nails. They are of varying thicknesses thus creating varying sizes of lines.
  • Orange sticks – They are used to place decorative crystals and stones on the nails when decorating them.
  • Dotting tools – Tools such as these are specifically used in creating dots of different sizes on the nails as part of the design. They are also used to make other shapes with nail polish.

Nail Designs

With the increasing popularity of nail art, there are various nail art designs that are available. With this, you can choose from a wide range of designs. Some of the known designs include:

  • Dotted French
  • Simple flowers
  • Cupid nail art design
  • Cosmic showers
  • Shellac swirls
  • Swirled elegance

peculiar monster- like nail art

The list of nail designs is endless as people always come up with new nail designs on a daily basis. You can also customize your own nail art design according to your preferences. There are easy nail art styles which do not require a skilled nail artist to apply. You can apply the designs by going through a nail art tutorial that provides you with step by step instructions on how to apply the design on your nails. Pamper your nails now and make them beautiful with your preferred design.